Saturday, December 6, 2008

"Opportunity Just Knocks Ones"

What We need to be prepared ?

In my life encountered a lot of twists and turns, I have vigorously opposed by the family.Before this i am a manager at industries development.I believe that if everyone started to direct the work, the first question is to be prepared to face other people’s views and vision.

Each successful entrepreneur is true, if you listen to their stories, then you should also hear the issue.

If you want to succeed in business sales, you need to first of all is family and friends for their support. In the case against the parents, you need to be patient and needs some times, try to comunicate to the parents and tell them about the content of your work.

If you still are not acceptable, then you can choose to be part-time, after u can secure your income, you can be turn it to full-time.

At this time I believe that your parents will begin to accept, and your friends will view in you through different eyes.

We will be selling a variety of very experienced setbacks. For example, a salesman in selling houses, cars, or other goods when customers have been refused. Even worse is that customers simply do not want to buy, so we can not sold. In fact, this is not a setback. Most important personal character.

Optimistic thinking

Please open your broad thinking. When working with an optimistic attitude can also enjoy themselves with pride. No matter what you are engaged in the cause of the work of the natural state of mind is important for one thing, many people often complain about his work, which makes they lost their jobs, then thought, “If the efforts at that time, a little optimistic, and that the number of good . “
To ask ourselves a question.When you engage in sales, would not think of your products and other products have no difference?You will not be impossible to think of their own success?Do you often compared with other companies?
At this point, you need to slow down and to establish their own “confidence.” With self-confidence before they can manage your business.

Doors open!

Listening to this story. A young man, his daily work can be said to have fixed carrier.Whenever he has spare time, he would go to overtime to earn more income.However,his income become higher, and also his spending was increased. He decided to be a lot of effort to do more, but in the end of the month, not more at bank deposits.After three years later, he was same working for every day.His life and almost 3 years ago. What has not changed.

In that case, I think we ask ourselves some questions;

Why do I have been looking for opportunities to make money?

My academic qualifications, age, salary, the character can successfully meet the conditions for it?
I am in a position to become wealthy?

I have the time? (No time is only an excuse)

In that case, you have the answer you think?

Only those who want to succeed will succeed

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