Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Who's To Be Blame?

Now a days, many countries in the world suffered economic crisis, one of this is my land, the Philippines. Many Filipino suffering this phenomenom sine our country belongs to the third world. But the big question is, who is the responsible of this problem? To whom we are going to address this question?

The politicians, our leaders. That was the answer of many Filipinos of the said question. In relation with that,they kave point and sense. Many of our leaders are ruling our country with different motives. Some are just entering politics for their own benefits, some are just for popularity and only few thinks for the improvement and development of their country. Is this their reasons why they enter politics, if so, they couldn't be called as leaders.

A big "why" comes out from my mind when i am Doing this article. A "why" that probabaly the answer for this crisis. Why those politicians got those offices and positions? Thta question is clearly address to the people of the philippines. to each individual.

Whoever the responsible for this, whoever behind this case there's only one thing i conclude, rthat the changes begins in each individual or just simply the changes begins in "me".

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