Monday, December 15, 2008

Fighting for Love

During the course of a person's lifetime, one cannot always escape the grim reality of a battle. Of course I don't mean battle like a sense of war but more or less by its meaning; an encounter between two opposing forces. Whether it's an external or internal threat, battles are always fought whether we want to or not. There will always be someone or something that would oppose to what we believe in, what we feel and what we hold dear. There will always be something that will hinder us from winning a certain battle during the course of our lives.

Most of the times, aside from the usual heartaches that we feel when we're in love, we are also in danger of fighting for that particular love. Whether it's another person, or our beliefs, or just something from our past, fighting is inevitable. I don't mean of course that fighting between the lovers but the external threats that surround both sides. Most of the times, families tend to come between two lovers (Romeo and Juliet much?) and often times, past lovers come back with desperation or vengeance to claim what was or should be rightfully theirs. Sometimes, beliefs can also come between the two lovers and there are just some technicalities that may seem random but are potential reasons why something will always hinder two people from loving.

Yet, for some reason, when the battle becomes a one-sided battle, more often than not, one or the other will give up. Whether it's the pain of seeing the other get hurt or just tired from fighting for something that won't be theirs, giving up may sound the rational thing to do. But from here on in, how can you assure yourself that what you did in the past will definitely not happen again? If you gave up on someone you love, how can you be so sure that you won't do it again the next time you fall in love? When love is true, when love is pure, despite all adversities, pain is never a reason to let go or give up. If you truly love a person, then you should give it your all to fight for that somebody, to make sure that he/she will never be gone or taken away from you. Often times, we find ourselves asking the question "if he/she really worth fighting for? Is our love worth fighting for?". The answer to those questions will have different answers coming from different perspectives. But the one thing that will bind all answers despite their difference is how much you love that person. Fighting for love is a test of your character, to see how far you are willing to go for that someone, to see how much pain you're willing to endure for him/her. "Strength through adversity" does not apply directly to wars and warriors but also applies to a relationship. However, it takes two of you to fight for your relationship and for your love, keeping each other strong and holding on through tough times.

In my personal perspective, I'll always fight for the one that I love, no matter the adversity. And the answer that I'm about to give to this question "is she really worth fighting for? Is our love worth fighting for?" is "YES". Come what may, love is always worth fighting for, whether it's a simple form of love for friends to a more deeper and profound feeling of love towards your special someone.

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