Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Affectionate and Cute Nicknames

What's in a name?

That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell
as sweet. - Shakespeare. It’s nothing special in names but many would say there’s definitely a lot of feeling and emotions attached to a name.

name is obviously the identity of a person and many people (including me) are fond of their names. Nicknames for that matter are used to address people in a rather affectionate manner. Nicknames are yet another way to address your beloved and are seen as a way of expressing one’s feeling. You may call your beloved one with a sweet and affectionate nickname.

It is a way to express your feelings and love for that person.

Many people are identified by two names: by proper names and by nicknames. Nickname may be a short-form or familiar form of your proper name or it may be totally different. Many nicknames reflect some typical characteristics of a person.

Generally, the nicknames are used to express love or close emotional bond with that individual. Most children are identified by their nicknames, even in their adulthood. The nicknames are more commonly used by writers, poets and film artists. Sometimes they are more famous with their nicknames. Most people are not even familiar with their original names.Romantic nicknames contribute a lot in developing a strong emotional bond between you and your partner.

It’s a unique way to express your affection for your beloved one. You may call your man a hunk or a sweetie pie. The nicknames you select can help to flatter your boyfriend and even increase intimacy between partners.

The kind of nickname you choose also depends upon your boyfriend; you would have to keep in mind, his nature and attitude and find a cute nickname that proves to be apt for him.So, how does one go about finding cute nicknames for their partner? Don’t worry here we have some of the popular romantic and affectionate nicknames for you.

Popular Nicknames for the BoyfriendThe girls can call their boyfriends with many cute and affectionate nicknames. Here are some cute nicknames for guys:

Handsome: It will assure your boyfriend that you find him attractive and handsome.
This assurance is very important in order to improve emotional attachment between you and your boyfriend.

Adorable: This name says it all. It’s apt for lovable boyfriends!

Movie Star: Give your boyfriend a feel like being a film star by using this nickname.
Cowboy: This nickname is very popular as the cowboys are considered as sexy and manly.

Hot Chocolate or H.C.: It’s a perfect nickname for a dark, tall and handsome man.

Honey Bear or Cuddly Bear: This cute nickname is suitable for a cool, fun-loving guy.

Tiger: The word ‘tiger’ is related to power that men love to have. Any guy would like this perfect nickname.

This cute nickname can be used for both boyfriends, as well as girlfriends.

Popular Nicknames for the Girlfriend

There are number of nicknames that can be used to call your beloved girlfriend.
Some of the popular nicknames for the girlfriend are as follows:
Honey: Any girl will like this cute nickname. It expresses your intense love for your girlfriend.Sweetie: This nickname is perfect for your cute girlfriend.

Baby: This nickname makes your girlfriend feel younger.

Dear/Darling: This romantic nickname is very popular. You can express your affection for your girlfriend with this nickname.

Sweetheart: Your girlfriend will surely like this nickname. It gives her the pleasant feeling that she is someone very special for you.

Sexy: Use this nickname for someone who oozes sex appeal.With some creativity and originality, you can create your own favorite nickname for your adorable darling and add a personal touch to the name you select.

The sweet and affectionate nicknames can give you a special identity. They help to create an emotional bond with your partner as well as bring back happy memories in your life.

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