Wednesday, December 24, 2008


1. Build your success on strong foundations.These skills will never leave you.

2. Teams are made up of individuals.Giving your best effort to the team results in cohesive and profitable teams and greater personal rewards.

3. Look towards the future…today.Have short, medium and long-term goals – and reward yourself when you achieve them.

4. Balanced Perspective. Don’t make your life just about work.Spending time with family and friends, and enjoying hobbies can make all the difference to your happiness and your ability to perform at your best.

5. The extra 15 minutes.Finding the competitive edge. Spending 15 minutes a day to focus on areas that will help you achieve your goals will add up to 70 hours a year!

6. Determination beats talent every time.Although the secret to success is primarily hard work, be smart in the way you go about it.

7. Exercise!Spending at least 30 minutes 3 times per week doing a physical activity you enjoy makes you fitter, healthier and better able to deal with the challenges corporate life presents.

8. Know when to ask for help.Coaches, be they in sport or business can guide, support and inspire.

9. Once you have reached your goals, don’t become complacent – aim higher!Life can be so much more enjoyable when you have a purpose. 9.9. Have fun and enjoy what you do!

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