Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Simplicity Of Life"

The Simplicity of Being

It is a twist of human psyche that we feel the need to have a purpose, that life has meaning, that we matter. The majority of us go through a period of reflection (if not multiple periods) during our lives, trying to make sense of it all. We NEED to know.It clobbered me the other day, while chit chatting with a family member, that there is no meaning to life. We simply exist.Does a bird (or any animal) try to answer the question of its existence? No, it simply exists. Day to day.

More accurately, second by second.It's laughable, the vanity of humans thinking that we matter. In the grand scheme of things we as individuals are nothing more than microscopic particles. Our actions have zero impact on the universe as a whole. Sure, we each are each playing a part in the destruction of the Earth, but even if our planet vanished tomorrow what real impact would that have on the universe as a whole? Earth would never be missed.

And if a whole planet can go unnoticed, that teeny tiny little ol' me matters even less!"Then why continue living?" I was asked. "Why bother at all?"Because life provides so many simple pleasures. But we're too busy chasing from this place to that, worried about what so-and-so thinks, paying bills, rising debt, keeping our jobs, wearing the latest trends, buying bigger/better/brighter.Stop and smell the roses!

"Who has time?!?"Some times I think I've lost my inner child - that sense of awe and wonderment - the belief in the imaginary and pretend. I sat and watched my niece and nephew opening their presents today, their eyes wide with surprise and happiness, and I was amazed that they still believe in Santa. They have faith in the red suit and beard, and the magic of the North Pole.The same way that the majority of the world has faith in some form of a cognizant God.

They cannot figure out the meaning their own, what purpose they serve, why they matter, so they fall back on faith, which lifts them and gives them hope.Why do so many people resort to blind faith for hope?I wonder how many people would pull the plug if they didn't have faith; if they were not religious? Then again, the atheists aren't running off the edge of cliffs like a buffalo stampede.I think deep down we all know that we serve no purpose.

Much like that bird flying over head, we simply exist. Why do we feel that there has to be more?We humans are cursed. Why can't we simply exist? Why can't we just simply be?All those year that I wasted trying to figure it all out - trying to make sense of it - when in a flash I'm okay with there being no meaning to life, and that I serve no purpose. I simply "am".

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