Thursday, December 27, 2007

How to have amazing relationships

Want to know the secret? Motivational speaker and author Neen James shares her wisdom on how to nurture and protect those special relationships that are so important to our daily lives.
Stay in touch with those you care for
Make time to remind people they are special. Write a handwritten note occasionally, send an email, SMS message or phone them. If you find yourself short of time create a bulk catch-up email to family and friends letting them know what you have been doing and that you have been thinking of them.
Make the most of how you spend your time
Surround yourself with positive people who inspire you and don’t give your time away to those who you don’t enjoy being with. If you have a family or live with someone (i.e. partner or room mate), ask them this question each week: ‘What activities do you have planned this week?’ This will allow you to align your calendars, avoid frustrations and plan time together.
Protect your relationships
Don’t allow yourself to be in situations that compromise your relationships or those you care for. Make time for your partner and ensure his/her needs are being met and you pay attention to them (even when your work seems to be more important… relationships last forever… jobs don’t).
Don’t take your relationships for granted
If you are in a steady relationship always put your partner first, make time for each other every day and don’t fall into the trap of boredom and routine - it can be a relationship killer. Don’t assume people will always be there -live each day as if it were your last.
Organise time to catch up with those you love
I know of couples who have regular date nights or afternoons with their partner. If your partner travels a lot or you are separated by distance, make a regular time each day to touch base and debrief the day, chat and stay connected. If you are separated by long distances plan for a trip maybe once a year to catch up and see each other face to face.
Get away with mates
Getting away with the girls (or the boys) is great for the soul, develops trust, makes you laugh and boosts your self esteem - so get out there and plan that weekend away! I am blessed to have a group of six girlfriends and we are known as the ‘Chilli Mud Crab Girls’ - we regularly enjoy chilli mud crab in one of Sydney’s fabulous restaurants.
Remember special occasions
Make an effort to remember birthdays, wedding anniversaries, exams or anything else that is important to those around you. Take time to make a note in your diary to call that person - it will mean the world to them that you cared enough to remember.
Surprise them
Treat someone special to lunch, book the restaurant or pack a picnic and whisk them away. Send a card or flowers, send movie tickets, cook a meal, send a chocolate in the mail - there are many ways to surprise those you care for. If you have family who don’t live close by, plan a special trip to surprise them - it will make their day.
Be authentic - be yourself
People will love you for who you are - don’t put on masks to hide the real you - remember you are special just the way you are.
Choose to be a good communicator
Become educated on how to communicate, read books, listen to tapes and watch other people. When you improve your personal communication skills, your relationships at home and at work will all improve, too

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