Saturday, December 22, 2007

10 Ways How Passion Can Turbocharge the Law of Attraction

Like all laws, there is always a fundamental truth and in the Law of Attraction, it is Passion. If you want the Law of Attraction to work in your life, you need to approach it with passion and intensity. Do you believe it?

Here are 10 reasons why passionate people are able to fuel the Law of Attraction in their lives are:

1) Passion Flames Focused Action.Action takers create results but not all results are positive ones. But doing anything is better than doing nothing at all because all actions bridges the gulf between the spiritual and the physical realms. Focused actions means focused energy and activity, resulting in turgocharged results.

2) Passion Fuels Our Desired OutcomesA lack of passion results in a lack of ambition and desire to achieve optimum results. But when we do something with passion, our results are almost guaranteed to be excellent.

3) Passion Opens The Floodgates of Creative InspirationHaven't you experienced this before. When you are passionate and excited about something, your mind becomes like a creative force that cannot be stopped. You develop one amazing idea after another. But when you are lackadaisical about something, nothing creative comes to mind no matter how much time you spend on it. Like resonance, passion is a higher frequency vibration that will attract more high-frequency vibrations " like creativity and ingenuity. And when the two frequencies are in harmony, you get extreme results!

4) Passion Turbocharges Your ResultsWhether youre focused on increasing your financial abundance or creating a work of art, your strong flames of passion and emotion will usually propel your results so that you achieve what you want more quickly that you would ordinarily.

5) Passion Inspires Clear Vision On The Way AheadLife is full of choices and that includes the paths we take. No one path is correct or wrong but some paths are more difficult to tread on than others. Passion helps us to choose the right path by giving us greater clarity and insight because of its importance and meaning to us.

6) Passion Keeps You Firmly In The PresentA nature of a passionate person is that they are completely immersed in what they are doing at the moment. They do not worry about the future or dwell in the past. Look at any athlete, they live for the moment they are playing. Nothing else matters. Not the past or future games. It is the next point. Not the end score. So if we can learn to focus on our current activities, we will enjoy them more and achieve more.

7) Passion - An Escape from ComplaintsPassion shifts our attention to focus better on what we do want instead of complaining and being unhappy about what we do not want. When we indulge in our passion, we will have less time to focus on what we do not have - the unhappy and negative things. And we start attracting more of the positive things!

8) Passion Means No FearPassion fills you with an adrenaline rush that blocks out all fears and resistance. Instead of anxieties, passion drives you forward and enables you to do things you never could have done.

9) Passion Extends EnduranceJust consider. How often do we spend hours and hours on what we are passionate about and still feel that time has flown right by? Working on the car, waiting for the prize catch. We easily get lost in it willingly and because of that, we accomplish much more that what we would have otherwise. This This can also create more expansive results than you would otherwise receive.

10) Passion Begets PassionThe more we invest in our passion, the greater our passion. It is like love or any other emotion. The more we love, the more we are loved. The more we give, the more we receive. Passion begets passion and the flames will spread quickly and you will burn even brighter!

The Law of Attraction speaks about the vibrations you emit to the universe. If you emit strong emotions, like your passion, it will eventually return to you in the same or similar form. So if you want to reap what you sow, make sure your infuse whatever you do with passion and energy and just marvel when this creates a circle of love, joy and abundance in your life!

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