Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Tips on how to showing her special she Really is

In a relationship it is important to keep the spark alive. If you are feeling like your relationship is dull or just not as exciting as it once was then you should do something about it. This is especially true if you are in love with that special someone. There are many different ways to keep the electricity flowing in your relationship. The best and least common way is by offering them some sort of gift just because they are themselves. The best gift to give is when it is a surprise. When you present the gift to them and they ask why, let them know it is just for being her self. If you really care and love someone then you should show her some appreciation with a “just-because gift.” This is where you can be as creative or as a traditional as you want to be. It can be as expensive as you want or can cost mere pennies; the important part is that it is a “just-because gift.” Lets begin with the more traditional gifts including but not limited to: flowers, jewelry (diamonds), fashion and/or a new vehicle. If you go with flowers go with a custom bouquet and do not go cheap. Cheap flowers look tacky. If you have no idea what to pick tell the florist what and for whom you are looking for. A classic is always two-dozen bouquet of red roses. Jewelry is a real delicate issue. Just like flowers, cheap jewelry looks tacky. If you do not plan on spending at least a couple of thousand dollars, then skip this one. I recommend some authentic diamonds. You can choose from a diamond necklace, diamond earrings, and/or a diamond bracelet. You might want to start picking out a theme i.e. white gold, yellow gold, etc. Eventually you will put all three pieces together. For fashion, you might look at a new Coach purse, or Luis Vuitton. It just depends upon your significant other. Keep an eye and ear out the next time you go shopping so that you can know what your special someone really desires. Try to keep it a secret and not too obvious. Getting your wife or fiancé a vehicle is a major expense. If you do choose to get her this gift, make sure that you pay for the car all in one lump sum rather than trying to finance. It is a lot easier. If you have been with her long enough to get her this gift, you know exactly what kind of vehicle she desires. So just go out and get if for her. Now lets move to the more creative gifts and often the cheaper gifts than more traditional. These gift ideas include but are not limited to: a simple love letter, a favorite book, a poem or a painting. Lets first begin by looking at a simple love letter. Get your best handwriting out for this one. Write her a letter telling her all the reasons she is the best thing that has ever happened to you and do not forget to tell her how amazing and thankful you are for her. Put it in an envelope and leave it somewhere she can find it easily. Next, if she loves to read then find that favorite book and get her a signed copy (if possible) or a first edition (depending upon rarity). This is the gift for the avid reader and someone who really is interested in books. You could also work on a poem for her. If you are not gifted with words, do not worry. Just be real and honest with your emotions for her. Your feelings for her will come out in the words even if you are no Pablo Neruda. Trust me, do not try and be a poet, just write your feelings for her. The whole time remembering to focus on how grateful you are for having her as a part of your life. If you can paint a little then maybe you should try your hand at painting a picture of some significant event. For example, I love to give flowers just because as a weekly thing. I mix it up and give them at different times, but just the same I like to give flowers. She always notes how the flowers die and it is somewhat sad, so I decided to fix this. I painted her a picture of a flower on canvas and am planning to give it to her. This will be up so that no matter how many eventually die on her kitchen table, there will always be one alive in the painting—the never-ending flower. Do something that means something to both of you and shows her how grateful you are too her. Even if it is not up to her décor she will know and appreciate how much she means to me and carry with her the memory whenever she says flowers anywhere. Remember the constant theme is to show how amazing this woman is to; how thankful and blessed you are to have her in your life. Put her needs and her totally before you and thank her for just being a part of your life. She will love you all the more for it. Even if she already knows, it does not hurt to remind her just how special she is and always will be. So no matter how much you plan on spending or what you plan on doing keep your gratefulness to her in mind. Good luck!

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