Friday, December 28, 2007

My Prince & I

Every princess needs
A prince to love her
And a king to father her.
My beloved princess
This is a letter to express
My thankfulness
Recognition and acknowledgment
Of your patient personal progress
Your journey toward self fulfillment
Your commitment to daily grow
Mature, find, and flow
In all that the King has for you
As you His glorious daughter
Move beyond frivolous fodder
Foolishness and frowardness of heart
Realizing that unto your King and prince
You are a delightful work of art
A woman of noble character
Becoming increasingly inwardly greater
As you behold your King
Experience transformation in everything
Find new spiritual songs to elegantly sing
Move beyond the pain of the past
Disappointment and disillusionment's sting
Access your gifts and prepare to bring
Unto your King a blessed offering
Terrific talents, outstanding ability
Possessing within your soul regal tranquility
Embracing change wholeheartedly
Believing and knowing assuredly
That which the King has prepared for thee
Is ultimately best for you and me
Therefore together shall we
Move ahead boldly and fearlessly
Being motivated rather than intimated
Becoming better rather than bitter
Remembering that from brokenness
Comes unprecedented breakthrough
From a despicable mess
Can come a magnificent message
From deep personal pain
Can come the power to rule and reign
Overcome all obstacles
Conquer every challenge
Master every emotion
Discover new depths of devotion
Harness a hungering human will
Yearning for direction, adventure, and thrill
Maximizing every moment
Talking yourself through soulish torment
Courageously providing for yourself encouragement
Toward people resolve not to resent
Yet pertaining to your convictions not to relent
Confidently and courageously standing forth
As the prized and precious princess who is sent
To be an emissary, ambassador, and agent
Of the heavenly King and kingdom
For this live and from it never run.
The Governor is in, with, and for you
That is the Spirit of the Lord
Always ready to give you a fresh
WordCut through darkness like a sword
Sweetly melt and woo you Godward
Lovingly does He adore and implore you
During your hardest moments to stay true
Because Christ your King is in you
The anointing in, with, and on you
To bless all you say and doComplete the work
He's begun in you.
Therefore princess I entreat you
To walk worthy of the heavenly calling
Keep kneeling and praying
Upholding, honoring, and glorifying
The King of heaven and earth
Who has given you the new birthLife more abundantly
Enabling you to live triumphantly
Princess you have come a long way
I salute you for the price you do pay
To differentiate yourself from the crowd
To hold your tongue
When you want to scream loud
To think before you speak
To remain humble, mild, and meek
Princess I am truly proud of you
For all you are and all you do
A new day of blessing has come
Have fun while you get the job done
Be the King's daughter wholesome
Happy, harnessed, and exemplary
Mindful of things beyond the temporary
Who others can learn from and follow
As they behold your dignity and know
Of whom you are and whom you serve
From the King of kings you'll not swerve
Sail on therefore princess into the sunlight
Wise woman of God be to the world a light
Gentle and powerful princess shine bright
Knowing of you I am proud and approving
As in the Spirit you are living and moving him

Thank you so much for everything,
all i wanted is to be appreciated & to be loved for who i am.
You brought happiness to my life,i really don't know where i belong...
I was always misunderstood,
I've always tried to do my best but my best was always not enough
They always see me as a bad person,
I always wanted to be better but no one believes me
But trying to pull me down,I just see my life different as they did
I want to be happy with my life,that is why i'm firm with my decisions
I don't want my life be manipulated,
i know i'm not perfect but i know what is right & wrong for me
They see me as a selfish & domineering person,all i had wish is the best for them
I love & help to the people i think deserves it
It is my experiences in life that made me stronger
There is no one I could rely on but myself,I know my mother really loves me
but she really never understands me,we are different in many ways
I've seen her life full of hatred & myseries,i was brought up in the same path
I grew up full of hate,I learn to fight to be strong so i could defend myself
But i realized that i don't want to live my life the way i've seen my parents had
I want my life to be better,to be happy,to put away all the hate i had in my heart
Even though they repeatedly hurt me,i always try to find forgiveness
I never thought of revenge in anyway,i know it will not do any good
I know God see & I just let him do what is just
I know i'm blessed because God given me the strength & courage to face life
I know that he will not let me be alone,all of this has a purpose
I never questioned him , Always trusted him all my life
I thanked him for bringing you into my life
Because you brought me the happiness i've been looking for
You truly understand me & see me as a person
I was so much hurt to be always judged by others,seeing me as a trash & a loser
They really do not know me,so who are they to judge me
Now,i'm just looking forward & wishing for the best
I just trust & let God guide me to my future
Whatever it is still be thankful for all the blessings that i had in my life.
& my one wish is YOU.

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