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The Beauty Within


We as women are complex. There are many components that come together to make us unique. Our ability to problem-solve, skill in multi-tasking, and simple enjoyment of the softer qualities of being a woman are but a few characteristics we nurture. Certainly, the maintenance of our outside package is also important. When we gaze into the mirror, we need to feel confident about our appearance. This does not mean perfect physical beauty, but keeping a neat, clean, and well-manicured image.
The Modern Renaissance Woman recognizes that we are much more than our external image. We have all heard the adage, "it’s what’s inside that counts." This statement is absolutely true. In a society that promotes youth, health, and surface beauty, it is easy to forget to recognize the value of the beauty within.
Eyes Are Indeed Windows to the Soul
The most costly fashions and talented make-up artist can not disguise a woman who lacks the development of her mind and soul. The Modern Renaissance Woman reaches out for varied opportunities to expand her knowledge and experience. The marvelous side affect is a peaceful self-confidence that touches all areas of her life.
Possessing self-confidence is a wonderful gift. You can engage in conversation without feeling inadequate. You can be active within your community, your church, and your work environment with renewed fervor. When faced with situations that can be intimidating, you can step up to the challenge. Reservoirs of self-doubt can be emptied and replaced with confidence and excitement about what you are capable of accomplishing.
When you build a strong foundation for inner beauty, your attitude is always positive, and attitude can be everything! Those around you will see your inner beauty by virtue of how you interact with them. The reality is that most of us prefer spending time with individuals that are upbeat, caring, and knowledgeable.
Developing your inner beauty does not occur overnight. It is a journey that the Modern Renaissance Woman embraces every day. Adding layers to your inner beauty can be systematic or random, depending on your lifestyle at the moment. No matter your place in life, whether you are starting a career, just became a mother, or a woman in her mature years, you can begin to develop your inner beauty.
Developing Your Inner Beauty
Developing your inner beauty is different for every woman. Some women do better by reading and learning on their own. Other women prefer the interaction with others such as in a classroom situation or discussion group. The truth is that for most women, a blend of the two is more realistic.
Where do you begin?
The question the Modern Renaissance Woman must ask is, "what is of interest to me?" If you are going to develop your inner beauty, you want to enjoy the process.
You may be someone who has many areas of interest to explore. For those women who need to think about what will be of interest, I have a suggestion. Consider some of the topics highlighted in the chart below. Keep in mind - the purpose of developing your inner self is to enhance your life and to build self-confidence.
If you like to cook
Become an expert in a favorite area of cooking. For example, if you enjoy Italian food, learn all you can about Italian cooking and culture. You can check out books-on-tape from the library on Italian culture. Decorate your kitchen using Italian d├ęcor.
If you enjoy current events and/or politics
Several resources are available to keep abreast of current events.
1) Watch CNN or other cable news programs for access to International News. 2) Listen to NPR Radio for news highlights and events.
3) Subscribe to the paper and at least two news magazines. Keep magazines in the bathroom for reading.
Artistic areas
The arts can include everything from photography, painting, writing, quilting, singing, playing an instrument, etc. You can either develop intellectual knowledge or personal experience by learning a craft.
Good communicator/"people" person
If you have an affinity for working with people, identify venues for dealing with people. Take a leadership role in your church or club. Consider becoming a speaker on a subject you know. There are many libraries and local clubs that would welcome you.
If you enjoy traveling, research the history and culture of the place you will visit. In this way, the experience is more than "fun", but educational. Information can be gathered from books on tape, videos, library books, and the Internet.
Fashion & Shopping
Did you know that fashion is actually a category in history? Many books and websites discuss fashion, i.e., Victorians, Civil War, the Roaring Twenties, etc.
If you enjoy fashion and shopping, become an expert in fashion. If modern fashion interests you, learn about current designers, how they design, and how the industry works. Fashion is big business. Once you’ve delved into this topic, you will never consider the pastime of shopping as "just for fun" again!
Discovering Satisfaction in Yourself
Recognizing the beauty within will absolutely change your outlook on life. Self-confidence comes from knowledge and feeling good about yourself. To reach the point where you have a positive attitude about YOU means self-exploration. The Modern Renaissance Woman takes stock in what she intellectually and spiritually possesses. She acknowledges that personal growth through experience, self-education, and sharing with others will help you reach that level of confidence.
Together we will explore a wide range of topics in future articles. The purpose of the articles will be to present information to stimulate your thinking and help you grow intellectually. In so doing, you will nurture your inner beauty and reach new heights of confidence.
I look forward as we make this journey together.


It's an asset that can help you attract women, and it can just as easily sabotage your attempts. It can be easily acquired and easily lost, and it's one of the hardest character traits to fake. I'm referring to confidence; every man's No. 1 necessity in the game of seduction.Nevertheless, it is one of the most misunderstood human characteristics. Part of the mystery behind confidence is that most men don't understand its nature. Some think that in order to emit confidence, one must express it through actions alone, others believe confidence is acquired through words, and still others think one must be born with it.There's a common belief that confidence is something we can always control, but it is instead dependent on several factors -- some of which we have no control over.
the confidence chainYou've obviously heard of the food chain; the notion that life on Earth is dependent on each member and its surrounding environment. Every participant in the ecosystem has an important role to play and if one becomes more dominant than the others, disastrous problems can develop in the ecosystem.If you want to master confidence and retain it for life, you have to envision it in the same manner that you do the food chain. This is what I refer to as the Confidence Chain, or CC. CC feeds on itself, and this, in turn, creates a chain reaction of energy that serves to elevate you to the next level.The fragile Confidence Chain is made up of seven key elements:1- State of mind2- Physical appearance 3- Style 4- Listening skills5- Volatility 6- Practice 7- Financial stabilityIn order to reach a state of 100% confidence, you must learn to incorporate, monitor, adjust, adapt, and balance all seven elements within your daily routine. The moment you stop, everything can come crashing down with a comment as simple as, "You're not my type."Now I'm not suggesting that you need to be 100% confident, 100% of the time in order to be happy and successful with the ladies. But be aware that the higher you are on your confidence meter, the higher your success rate with women will be.When you adopt the CC philosophy, your body and mind will begin changing their physiology to better adapt to the current environment -- regardless of whether it's a positive or negative one.So, how do you get yourself some confidence?

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