Friday, December 21, 2007

Express Your Gratitude With Style

One important fact that every party host must bear in mind is their guests love it when they are honored and appreciated. They are willing to sacrifice their time and effort to turn up at your party and celebrate with you. Therefore as a host, you must know the technique of making each and everyone of them feel loved and appreciated. You can give them personalized gifts before they leave. This is more powerful than just saying thank-yous. You manage to warm their hearts by doing this. The gift does not necessarily be expensive or large, good things do come in small packages. If you are creative and skillful in arts, you may create your own personalize gifts such as picture frames, scrapbook, keepsake box, decorative items complete with self-made greeting cards and gift boxes. The hearts of your guests would be deeply moved and touched by your thoughtful acts.

It is easy to get all stressed up when organizing celebrations and parties. There are so many things to prepare and look into. One of these is writing thank-you cards and preparing gifts for the guests. If one has the budget, one can hire a party planner or gifts specialist to handle this department. That is normal for big celebrations such as weddings and company dinner, but for smaller parties such as baby shower and birthday bash, the host/hostess would normally prepare the gifts themselves. If the party is for 25 people, no point of wasting one's resources in hiring a specialist just for selecting and preparing presents for the guests. The host/hostess can add personal touches to the gifts by customizing them according to their own styles or guests' preferences. If they are creative enough, they can make use of materials that can be found easily at their own home. Silk, faux fur, lace, ribbons and velvet materials could be used to decorate gift boxes and wrapping papers. Colors can be used to invoke specific moods. Therefore one may use brightly colored wrapping papers to convey the moods of joy, exuberance and vitality. There are many suitable items to be given as tokens of appreciation to guests who attend your baby shower. It depends on your personal style and the budget you are willing to allocate for it. If you want to give simple yet meaningful presents, you may consider giving scented candles with artistic shapes, and lovely figurines of birds, deers, horses and other beautiful animals. In feng shui, animals such as birds, deers, crane and horses have auspicious meanings connected to opportunity, prosperity, longevity and fame respectively. If you have a big budget and small number of guests, you may consider giving them crystal ornaments, porcelain dinnerware and pewter ware. Inexpensive gifts such as scented soaps, car and home perfumes, decorative objects and customized photo frames are nice and reasonable. Whatever your choice of gift is, they all convey the same message: gratitude and love. Wouldn't it be sweet to receive nicely wrapped present with your name printed on the card attached to it from your host after a wonderful party? Your heart would flutter with gladness and brim with appreciation for the thoughtful move by your host. Even though it may seem a trivial matter, it is very important for the person who throws the party to realize that guests need to be respected and appreciated; giving away door gifts is an excellent way to thank them. When you attend a baby shower, you bring a suitable gift for the baby or the baby's mother. After having a wonderful time at the party, the hostess or the baby's mother gave you a small present as a token of her appreciation. Isn't that sweet? So if you are planning a party or celebration, it won't hurt to take a little bit of trouble to write thank-you notes in advance and attach them to small presents to be given to your guests at the end of the party. Small door gift can make a big statement about the host.

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