Thursday, March 6, 2008

3 Tips For "Getting Your Groove Back"

" BE IN LOVE " ......................Why is it that a man can seem so
passionate and excited about you when you first
meet, but then "cools off" quickly the more you
get to know each other?

Are men just into "the chase" and lose interest
once they sense that they "have" you, or is
there something else going on?

The truth is that a man will remain intrigued
and excited about you IF he develops EMOTIONAL

If know what to do to trigger that kind of
EXCITEMENT in his mind over and over, whether
you've been together for a few weeks, a few
months or even YEARS into a relationship...he
will feel the same kind of passion he felt when
you first met.

The reason why relationships often sag into a
state of boredom and why men often withdraw or
become PREOCCUPIED or DISTANT is because he's
simply not feeling that gut-level of attraction
for you.

Have you been feeling overwhelmed and burned
out from all the responsibilities and tasks you
do day in and day out, so that you barely have
any time or energy to put into taking care of
YOURSELF or figuring out what it is YOU need in
order to feel fulfilled and happy...whether in
your relationship, or in your career, or just in

It's very easy to let weeks, months and even
YEARS go by while you're busy checking off your
daily to-do lists and then wake up one day and ask
yourself,"Who am I, what am I doing with my life?"
and then on top of it realize, "What happened to

I hear this from women ALL THE TIME - they get
into a relationship, they focus so much on trying to
make it "work" or being what they think the man
wants them to be...

Or they get so totally busy with life's little
details, that when the relationship finally ends
and they are finally forced to look at what they
really want out of life, they realize they had LOST

They stopped being their authentic selves and
suppressed their dreams because they had spent
years ignoring what it is their soul was really
yearning to be.

So when the relationship they were in ends, they
begin to feel as if they are "waking up" to who they
really are and what they want for themselves.

But does a relationship have to END in order for
you to find yourself again?

Isn't there a way to stay in touch with who you
are and what you really want and need in life, while
staying in a relationship and making that relationship
WORK to bring out your authentic self?

The answer is YES, THERE IS.

The question I want to ask yourself right now is,
are you being as true to yourself right now as you
can be?

Is your relationship with your man the most
passionate, connected and HONEST that it can be?

If you're not feeling as connected to your true
and best self right now, I will give you some tips
on how you can start on the RIGHT PATH to "getting
your groove" back and becoming a happier, more
fulfilled person, no matter what is happening in your
life right now.

No matter if you're in a relationship that works,
or you're single, or if you're having issues in your
relationship that is standing in the way of your

These tips will enable you to:

-WAKE UP that youthful and playful woman you used
to be. If you've "lost" your inner playfulness,
you probably spend a lot of time feeling
judgmental, pessimistic and tired in your head.

Getting back in touch with that
playful part of your soul will allow you to enjoy
life no matter what it's throwing your way.

-Get what you want out of your relationships:
more honesty, more attention, more fun, more

-Stop feeling ENVIOUS of other women who have
better bodies, better boyfriends, better love
lives, more money or less stress.

Are you ready to get your groove
back in 3 simple tips? Great, here we go...

Tip #1: BE SILLY

Do you ever feel worried that you're not being
the perfect friend, partner, or mother?

Does worrying about whether or not you're doing
things the RIGHT way make you feel defensive and
uptight about every little thing that doesn't go
the way you think it should go?

These are symptoms of having lost your "inner
child" and your ability to just LET GO and enjoy
and accept yourself and your life for what it IS,
not for what you think it "should" be.

When you take a deep breath and do something
SILLY and spontaneous for a change, it will open
you up in ways you can't even imagine.

Kick off your shoes and go running through
the grass...

Dance with your child and spin them around until
they're dizzy with laughter...

Start a food fight in your kitchen with your
boyfriend ...

These are all ways to let go of all the "shoulds"
in your life and just live in the moment.

Here's the problem with those "shoulds" by the way.

They keep you from being true to who you really
are, deep inside, because you're constantly worrying
about what OTHER people think.

If you get stuck there too long, pretty soon
you'll start to feel like you don't know who you
are or what will make you happy.

So do something silly and spontaneous and don't
worry about how you'll look or what people will think.
Just be your true self.


Let's say you haven't gone out with your girlfriends
in a long, long time. And you feel disconnected.

Or maybe your man hasn't made any special date plans
for what seems like weeks, and you're in a low-energy
rut in your relationship.

Or you're single and feeling pretty lonely and down
and wish you could find a decent man to share your
time with.

Instead of complaining to yourself about how your
friends aren't calling you, or your man isn't being
romantic or caring, or how hard it is to meet a man,
make it a point to actually start GIVING the exact thing
you want.

Call your friends and invite them to do something
you enjoy doing together.

Plan a weekend getaway with your man and surprise
him with it.

Smile and be engaging to everyone you encounter
in your day - the grocery store clerk, your co-workers,
your boss, your neighbors - and you'll be amazed at
how much less isolated and lonely you'll feel.

And the best part about GIVING what you want for
yourself is that you get so much MORE back in the
long run.

When you put yourself "in service" to others, by
helping them, by really LISTENING instead of just
talking, by offering your advice or talents to make
their lives better and will begin to
feel more fulfilled and valued... and happy... and you
will begin to reap the rewards for all that positive
energy immediately.


When you take care of your own needs and your
own future, you will feel less envious of the people
around you who you think have it easier and better
than you have.

Here's something I've noticed about people and
even about myself sometimes - the things that you
ENVY in others, are the things you know you're
neglecting in your OWN life.

Your envy is a sign that you are denying that
aspect of yourself and that you need to pay more
attention to it and fix it in yourself.

For example, if you see the with self-righteousness
and envy over every single well-dressed, sexy woman
who walks by you and your man, it's probably likely
that you aren't feeling so hot about yourself.

Maybe you know you haven't put as much effort into
your appearance and wellbeing as you should, so instead
of admitting that to yourself, you feel a deep sense
of negativity and envy for anyone you perceive as having
it "more together" in that area.

The same can be said for things like wealth and
success. If you envy someone's success, it's probably
because you know you're not doing everything you can
to create that personal success in your own life.

You know you're not doing everything you should
to make yourself happy. It doesn't have to be about

The key to feeling less envy and less negativity
toward others is to BE HONEST about your

shortcomings and then take responsibility for your own life to get things back on track.

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