Wednesday, March 5, 2008

"Classy sophisticated women"

Sophisticated is often associated with someone who by social stature belongs to a well off family and is known to have receive good education to accompany their good manners, good tastes and refined ideas. Sophistication comes hand in hand with knowledge, it pertains to anything or anyone who is well equipped well versed or well constructed to complete a task, excel in any given field.

Now imagine sophistication plus class, this would then mean that this something or someone is well educated and is top of the line or top of the ladder in a certain social environment or in the general sense of life itself. Add a woman into the equation and you have someone like Jacky O, a woman of style, elegance, knowledge, a woman revered an icon in all aspects.

While most would mistake sophistication as only present in a person of great social standing, it is also possible to find a sophisticated Joe or Jane plain as he or she may be, could still very well have his or her own air of sophistication. What does sophistication exemplify anyway?

For the most part, sophistication is merely an understanding, an expertise and the ability to exemplify it with much dignity and without any ounce of boastfulness. Sophistication can very well be an art. It is something to appreciate, enjoy and be entertained by. Only from someone who has this “talent” so to speak.

In this modern setting Catherine Zeta Jones is another woman who can easily be associated with classy sophistication; this is because she is able to carry herself with ease while maintaining dignity and refinement. Classy sophisticated women are often simplistic, they do not hold on to, too many frills. They go by what is basic, simple, and comprehensible while being unique in their own way.

Sophistication is further more epitomized by someone who is recognized as ingenious, worldly and yet maintaining natural simplicity. It’s actually not as simple as it sounds like; since it basically depicts someone who is more than the average person and yet is still able to blend in with that same average crowd and atmosphere.

A woman with sophistication and class is idolized by women and desired by men. This is often the kind of woman who without even having to open her mouth or to even utter a single word will be able to stand out no matter what.

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