Monday, March 10, 2008

"Making Love is a special thing that shared by two people bonded by LOVE"

All students & individuals who are capable in engaging sexual intercourse........ your attention please.....

Pre-marital sex is very common now-a-days.

Are you in favor of this set-up or not?

You may say it depends on the situation, but try to listen

Sex is a very wonderful thing a man and a woman can do.......

You can enjoy sex even outside marriage but let us think twice before engaging in sex specially STUDENTS

Your parents have dreams on us, let us not frustrate them.....
You are still young and we can do many things other than SEX
You need to stabilize ourselves before committing to somebody

Remember it feels good to have your own money rather than having someone providing it to you.

If you cannot control yourselves in engaging in pre-marital sex, be RESPONSIBLE

To the outcome of your decision
Learn to be a good parent to your coming child

Try to strive hard to prove to your parents that you are mature enough to handle this problem

Be strong enough to face all the comments that you might heard from others
and Remember that a baby is an angel give them a chance to live like you......

What ever your decision remember that it is only you who are responsible in the outcome of your life....

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