Thursday, March 27, 2008

"How To Make A Guy Want You - 3 Things To Make A Guy Like You!"

*How To Make A Guy Want You*"3 Things To Make A Guy Like You!"

Have you ever known any women who seem to be "lucky in love" and where everything involving men seems to come easily and effortlessly to them? Do you know how to make a guy that you like want you?

Well, it is not a magic to make any guy you like want you. You don't need to be gorgeous or young either. And you don't have to be LUCKY too. What you NEED to do is to LEARN! Here are 3 things that you can do to start making him want you:

1. Developing attractive personality

Developing an attractive personality is truly the core of being successful in making a guy wants you. Attractive personality comes from a sense of enjoyment for life. The moment you express your emotions like outgoing, fun, active, have goals and ambitions, look and feel healthy, you naturally generate these waves of excitement around you and guys do click on it.

Once you feel naturally happy and excited about your existence, you can develop a special flirty connection with a guy you like. If you think about attraction only when you have a crush, you feel pressured and stressed because you feel you need to develop all these skills at once. Start right now developing an attractive personality! That way, when you truly have to be at your best, you'll have no problem giving yourself this extra kick to seduce a specific man you like

2. Make a guy feels good when he is around you

It is very simple: you want to understand his needs and give him what he is looking for. When you speak to him, identify what he likes and does not like and see how you can be part of this picture. Remember that guys come back to you because of the way they feel about themselves when they are with you.

If he can feel good, laughter, fun, joy, connection, some depth, refinement, and pleasure when he is with you and you are also an open door into something he wants, then this is the moment that he gets attracted to you.

3. Focus first on flirting with him!

If you like a guy, don't walk to him and ask him out. Focus first on flirting and building up complicity. The relationship or dating "thing" comes later. Once he warms up to the idea that you are fun to be with, he'll be an easy pray!

Finally, if you want to more succeed in getting a man that you like, then you need extra power and effective strategies. You have two options:

a. The first one is to keep on doing what you have been doing till now.

b. The second one is to connect with a new refreshing mind set.

Dating is like hunting. You can sit down and wait. It won't work!

If you want to break through, you need to take action! You need to know how to relate to men. You need to know how to feel comfortable around them, understand their psyche and know how to make your relationship with a man work.

These are your goals!

These are your targets.

You don t want just a man in your life!

You actually want to be able to connect with any man you like effortlessly!

No shame! No guilt! Fearless!

So, what do you want to conquer?

A man's heart!

A man's mind!

Then, do what it takes to succeed!

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