Tuesday, March 18, 2008

"Awakening the society of the World"

Are the leaders that we had brought to the position to lead our countries,do really deserve the trust we had given them?Can they really lead a country & have a good governance?

Are they being a good examples to their countries?Are they really capable of the responsibilities that a good leader should implicate to the country that they are governing?or they are just in the public office for personal interest & power grabbing....what are their true intentions!are we aware about it?How can we identify a good leader?This are just some of the questions that we should know the answer a responsible citizens of our respective countries.

But first let me introduce myself I'm Rinrin from the PHILIPPINES & proud to be a filipina.I'm just a regular citizen & I have no plans to enter politics...I'm not aspiring any position in the public office either...I'm just a concerned citizen who just want to share my views about certain topics that affects the lives of many people bec. of negligence of the leaders that we had trusted to lead & govern our countries.I believe that in sighting my views maybe,just maybe i can contribute something to the world that has been blinded for so long....for them being a leader is POWER but it should not be this way if you really want to serve your country,you should share yourself by putting your heart in the service not getting what you can & abuse the priviledges.

Let's face it! Politics is a dirty business not the politics itself but the people who are abusing their power for personal gain.Do these leaders really know what they are doing?To tell you frankly, we really don't need a President & a Prime Minister who graduated from University of Harvard or have 5 masteral degrees bec. governing a country is not all about business!It is about the welfare of their countrymen.A good leader should analyzed every aspect of a problem & a good leader is not afraid & willing to step down his/her position if the situation calls for it.A good leader should always think the benefit of the greater good.A good leader should try his best to solve the root of the problem not just applying a temporary solution,if only our leaders put their hearts in their positions & really love their job then we will have a better place to live in..less violence, a more progressive country.
A good leader is willing to accept his/her mistakes & willing to step down his/her position if there will be intances that the situation calls for it.A good leader is always ready to lend a hand to his countrymen not just to those they can bebefit but they should more focus to the less fortunate not by giving them food but by teaching them how to succeed in life. A good leader should have a strong dignity & principles so that he cannot be manipulated by others who want to take advantage his position . No Leaders should provoke or start a war or any kind of violence . To name in particular...like President George Bush of United States of America . I think he is not analyzing his decisions wisely,he is acting without thinking,maybe he is thinking but where he is coming from?I think from nowhere.....Starting a war is absurd!war is just a waste of money & come to think of the innocent lives that has been taken for....the fact ,it just started with two leaders who are selfish & inconsiderate ,they'll convince their followers that they are fighting for a reason.The problem is their reasons are not clear & not logical to start a war.I dare to those leaders that if they are really brave enough & claim to love their country & men, they should lead their troops not just commanding them to fight for your own idiot beliefs...you should join them in the battle to kill innocent lives,if that is really what you want . Bush is the President of America that is considered to be the most powerful & influential country.He should be analytical in all his decision-making.I know that it is still fresh in our memories,the tragic event that happened in U.S ,the Sept.11 terrorist attack(World Trade Center)I'm not an american but i got really affected emotionally by the tragedy that killed thousands of innocent people.

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