Friday, March 28, 2008

"The cancer patients suffer discrimination"

"The cancer patients suffer discrimination"

Deterioration in the quality of life, social discrimination ... This is reflected in the first survey, with 4270 people, on their lives with the disease.
The investigation of the Ministry of Health was conducted in 2004 among 4270 adult cancer patients. This is the first panoramic view of their living conditions, two years after diagnosis.

It shows that the announcement of this diagnosis is too brutal, according to a patient in four: 11% had a psychological support, 18% would have liked. However, one person in three is very satisfied with its relations with caregivers and third very satisfied with the quality of medical care and information received. However, the risk of infertility is not sufficiently exposed, according to women between 40 and 44 years. Among the men who have become infertile, 13% were not aware of the conservation of their sperm before treatment.

The gaze of the entourage

To raise their disease, eight out of ten people use the words cancer and tumor. Two years later, 43% of patients say they are cured, while doctors believe it takes five. Their physical quality of life is more or less distorted depending on the location of cancer. It is better for young people, women, those with children, according to the level of education and high incomes.



Socially, a patient in ten suffers from the gaze of his family, his relatives, his workplace. A stigma more difficult to live if one is young, poor economically and psychologically, if salaries are heavy and have left a legacy.

Professionally, nine out of ten people were employed two years later, 60%, only work. The rest are inactive, sick leave or unemployment. One in four has been a decline in revenues.

In France, 800000 people are living with cancer. Two million have been. In 2005, 320000 new cases were identified. This survey is part of the Cancer Plan to improve the living conditions of patients

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