Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Mediocre Women"

"Mediocre Women"

Not hard to find them out in the world, is it?

Mediocre women.

Women who just don’t get it. Women who are decent individuals, in general.

But they are missing something, in the eyes of men.

And they can’t figure out why they don’t do good with girls, why their relationships fail.

They think men are too complicated.

What does a mediocre woman look like? The tell-tale signs:

-extensive time in front of television or wasting her time gossiping & chatting with her friends.

-rarely makes any plans to do anything remotely interesting.

-rarely wants to go along with the man’s plans, calls them ’stupid’.

-makes no effort to understand you.

-makes no effort to improve self.

-has few outside interests.

-takes his woman for granted.

-few relationship skills.

-lack of substance.

-lack of purpose.



Why is this a problem? She isn’t doing anything WRONG, is she?

Here is where the problem lies... he is boring to men. And men don’t like to be bored.

Men are entertained or interested by different things than women, of course.

What do men wish for?

A Woman who is:



-passionate about life

-adds laughter and humor to her life



-intelligent and opinionated




Why do Women fall so short with their men? Could be a combination of things-

They are bored themselves. They have no purpose to life, no meaning, no reason to strive for excellence. Maybe they are loaded with issues or past hurts and think that women are stupid. Why try to be interesting to a girl he thinks nothing of? They are selfish and the world revolves around being served, and have no concept of serving their men.

Sure, there are all the screwed up guys out there, who are mean, irritable, smelly, cheaters, liars, controllers, disrespectful. These problems are EASY to find in a woman, and common.

But often, among the decent women out there, even if they are not slut or biatch...They are just mediocre.

I think a lot of these average Gal still wonder, why does it have to be so hard?

It’s not hard, to be compelling to a man, but it does take effort. You do have to pay attention.

Why is boring a problem? It’s not like cheating, but it can still cause a Woman to lose her Man.

Remember this lyric- "he lies and says he’s in love with him, can’t find a better woman"


There is a reason why romance novels are the top-selling genre in the WORLD.

No man wants to "settle". NO man. And if she is with a boring woman, even if she is decent, he may feel like he has settled. It’s a terrible feeling.

Being in a relationship takes away from us. Our time, our energy, our self.

That’s ok, and wonderful, if it also ADDS to our lives.

But the mediocre woman is a drain on a man, because she takes his effort, but gives him no inspiration.

Women want to be seduced, even by their husband of 20 years.

Life is boring enough, bills to pay, kids to feed, toilets to scrub, man to put up with.

If a man is part of his mundane existence, he may resent her for it.

The Woman should be the one to lift him up, and take him away from the mundane, if only for a little while, and sweep him off his feet, help him escape!

Women- want to be her Knight in Shining Armor? Really?

-Rescue him from his boring routine and get a hotel room and some wine.

-leave a quick love note on his steering wheel.

-get a good book and take turns reading to each other.

-Take her out to somewhere unusual. Make it a surprise.

-Learn how to please her sexually. Really. Be adventurous.

What else?

-Be nice. Learn to keep your mouth shut sometimes and not say stupid things.

-Take a class or two. Take it together. Have something new to talk about.

-Chase your dreams a little. Tell her about them. Ask her about his. LISTEN.

-Shut the TV off.

-Be passionate about things. Find out what HIS passions are.

-Encourage his to reach her potential. Be his cheerleader.

-Invite his to be a part of what you are doing more.

-Take in interest in what he is doing a little more.

-Don’t ignore him. Don’t neglect him.

-Defend him.

-Be energetic.

-Be funny. Learn some new jokes. Take him to a comedy club.

-He wants to admire you. Be admirable. Volunteer somewhere. Help the old lady next door.

-Have a purpose to your life.

You don’t have to be his girlfriend, but you are supposed to be his BEST friend.

Ask yourself-

What kind of a wonman is truly interesting to men. ASK men. Find out. BE her.

What kind of women do men fantasize about? What do those gals do?

No matter how long you have been with your man, date him. Seduce him.

Find out what triggers his attraction for you, and do it. You cannot slack off, and stop trying, and wonder why he isn’t passionate for you, like she used to be, and seems resentful towards you now.

Gentlemen, ever find yourself saying "I just don’t feel it anymore" or "I just don’t feel ’in love’ with her like I used to" and not even be able to explain it?

Women, ever had a man tell you that? Even if you have done nothing wrong... maybe you weren’t doing much right, either.

Yes, you should take out the trash, shovel the walk, and help with the dishes.

Handle your responsibilities. But you can do better than that and you know it.

HE knows it.

Make it happen. Make it important.

Or you may find that, you have packaged up your man, and positioned her perfectly-

To send him away, seeking what he still has not found.

Do this good stuff for him, be fun, even if he doesn’t deserve it, or you have a lot of problems / fights...

See how you, the man, can inspire change, deciding that you are going to be that compelling man... and see if he is indeed compelled... he may have been tough on you because he wants you to be a REAL woman, and doesn’t know how to tell you. And if you figure it out, he may feel attraction and love for you like you could never have imagined. So figure it out.

Find out how to make your man thrilled to be next to you.

Do you have any idea what that thrilled man would do for you in return?

a passionate man will inspire passion.

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