Monday, March 17, 2008

"Don't put off enjoying life!"

"Most of us lead a hectic life, driven by the urgent we forget to enjoy life. We are thinking if we can just get into a good college, we will be happy, or if we can just get into a better job, we will enjoy life."

But what about enjoying life right now?

Don’t put off enjoying life. We should always notice and appreciate the beauty in our own surroundings. Remember that there is a big world of beauty and wonder around us. Finding out the beauty that we not normally see will brighten our days.

Also, invest time in relationships and eliminate the attitude ‘what’s in for me’. Rich and rewarding relationships will bring joy into your life, so never take your family or friends for granted. Whenever we think of someone, we can give him a phone call or email. It will make a world of difference to him.

Foster a hobby, for example hiking, do it on a regular basis.

These are my favorite tips for enjoying life. You can try them, my dear friends. Stop and smell the roses!

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