Friday, March 28, 2008

"Three Fool Proof Ways to Attract a Faithful Man"

"Three Fool Proof Ways to Attract a Faithful Man"

Some women seem to always get the perfect men and some don't. Their spouse is faithful and devoted to them. Then there are your relationships. Your relationships are never like that. You can't remember the last time that your boyfriend didn't cheat on you. You always seem to choose men that can't be faithful. What can you do to stop the same thing happening in your next relationship? Three important factors can assist you to keep cheaters out of your life and allow Mr. Right to enter in.

First and foremost, you must learn to be at peace with yourself. All too often, women look for a man to feel better about themselves or to avoid being alone. Entering into a relationship for or both of these reasons often leads to heartache and only complicates your life.

Not to mention, cheaters frequently prey on people who have low self esteem. Why? Generally because women with low self esteem are more liable to put up with more because they don't believe they deserve any better. It is so vital that you feel good about yourself and know you deserve a good man before allowing someone into your life.

Second, you need to be aware of what type of guy you need and what strengths you have to offer to a relationship. Obviously, you want a man who is trustworthy. But often infidelity is more of an indicator that a relationship is already troubled. By understanding what you need in a partner and knowing what you bring to a relationship, you will be able to enter into a relationship that has a high likelihood of success. Instead of constantly working through differences, you can spend the time helping each other and your relationship grow. This will help you turn towards each other for love and support instead of searching for it elsewhere.

Finally, it is essential that you follow your head, not just your heart. Frequently, women allow incompatible men into their life because of their emotions. There is definitely something alluring about risky types of men or men who are not compatible. But allowing them into your life and expecting commitment or happiness with them doesn't make any sense.

You chose who will be your romantic partner, and it helps to make it a conscious choice. If you allow purely your emotions to guide you, you may choose wrong. But with increased self awareness and knowledge of what you need, you can direct your heart to the man of your dreams.

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