Wednesday, March 26, 2008

"Review to Cure the Acne and Skin Care"

Review to Cure the Acne and Skin Care
Those who have never suffered with acne (Zits) cannot possibly understand the stress it causes; however, many effective treatments are available. Medical investigation and research is ongoing and making interesting discoveries; now, some of these skin conditions are gradually being conquered. Although the number of acne skin care products and treatments might at first seem endless, they can actually be categorized into three areas:

Tips to Cure Acne and Skin Care.
Drugstore or Internet: Preventative medication
Over-the-counter: Treatment Prescription only: Requires visit to doctor.
General acne products are used as a preventative measure and include cleansers,
make-up removers and other similar products that can help prevent acne. Whilst many sufferers use these products there are even more people who just want to keep their skin clean and conditioned.Some of these products are designed to act like an acne skin care product and act against the causes of this complaint. They work by limiting the production of sebum/oil and prevent clogging of skin pores. These products prevent the oil from getting trapped in pores and can hamper the growth of bacteria, this can lead to the bad skin condition.Exfoliation skin peels have proved quite effective as a skin care treatment and at controlling the problem. There are now more and more of these types of products available over the counter. This type of peel helps reduce the chance of oil clogging up the pores as well as removing other skin impurities; this can reduce the bacterium growth on your skin.

Many other acne skin care products have become available over the counter and
on the internet; they don't usually require a prescription. Products that contain the chemical benzoyl peroxide and the naturally occurring salicylic acid are used in vanishing creams. They work by removing the excess oil from the skin and halt the growth of acne.

Generally it is best to start using this type of product with only a small amount of
benzoyl peroxide; in fact no more than 5.5 percent is recommended just to see how the skin reacts. There are alternatives to this including products which contain alpha hydroxy acid. It might just be a case of trial and error, if nothing seems to work speak to your dermatologist for any advice or try a different acne skin care product.

There are benefits of seeing your doctor or dermatologist, they can prescribe you
with a prescription for treatments not available over the counter, for example a course of antibiotics. Under certain circumstances, having the infected material removed from the pores under a local anesthetic may be suggested by your dermatologist. This is something you should never attempt yourself.

Your doctor may even suggest a course of hormone therapy as a skin care
treatment. Hormone changes are sometimes responsible for acne and can be very effective when used under prescription. The end result is dealing with this skin complaint is not the problem it once was, there are now a huge range of products specifically formulated for the task. This means that a sufferer does not have to put up with this condition anymore.

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