Tuesday, September 30, 2008

You Deserve a Man Who's Crazy About You

Do you have a sort of boyfriend or do you have a real man who's head over heels in love with you?

Do you make excuses for him, have a thousand and one reasons why he doesn't call, can't seem to remember how important you are, and still trying to convince him to be with you long-term?

I just had a chat with a friend who told me about a friend of hers who's getting married next August to her boyfriend she moved in with. She bought a place and has a man moving into her place and on top of that had to convince him to marry her.

But wait!! It gets worst.

He doesn't have a JOB. He somehow found a way to lose his job and they are supposed to be planning a wedding for next August. Apparently, she has to give him money for bus fare so that he can get out of the house.

Now does this sound like the kinda man you want for a husband? Your answer is probably, "No."
But don't be blind either. Take a look at your man, a real good look at him. If you have any feelings of not being enough with him in any way, it means he's not the man you want to waste your life with.

Stop making excuses and start living like the sexy woman you are so that you can really attract men who will commit to you faster than you can say yes!

If your boyfriend's not a freeloader then there's a way to take him to the next level. Bring him to the tipping point by having him so melted that he'll slap an engagement ring on your finger in no time flat.

Nicole Gayle is the author of the e-book, How to Go from Girlfriend to Wife, written to help you take your man from maybe to "I do" - Be the kind of woman your man HAS to marry.


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