Tuesday, September 16, 2008

To Be A Woman

Is a person of strength. Yet it is in her weakest moments that is strongest.

is a person of intuition. She can "fine tune" her inner voice and find that place of wisdom within her soul.

is a person of independence. She stands proudly on her own, knowing she can always count on herself.

is a person of trust. Confide in her and she'll lock it in her heart forever. Betray her trust and you've lost a true friend.

is a person of vulnerability. She sees the world with a kaleidoscope of passion, inviting others to see beyoond the black and white.

is a person of emotion. She pours it in different quantities, but never runs out.

is a person of gratitude. She never takes for granted the beauty of human generosity.

is a person of wisdom and maturity. Through her maturity, she gains wisdom - and with that wisdom, she matures.

is a person of awareness and spirit. She flows with the universe... to be where she is meant to be.

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