Friday, September 5, 2008

True Beauty

What Is True Beauty?

What qualities do stunning women share?

Elegant. Chic. That certain je ne sais quoi. Call it whatever you want. Certain women possess that one glowing quality that catches people off-guard. Often it’s hard to pinpoint its genesis. It could be the simple yet classy chignon in her hair, it could be her stunning attire, it could even be her picture perfect smile, but often it’s something much more intrinsic than any of these. It could just be something about the way she carries herself.

What are the things that truly speak to the glamour of a woman?

Childhood Idol

I would say that true beauty lies in subtlety and the little external details only magnify it. Think of a woman that you idolized as a child. Was it your mother? Grandmother? A teacher, perhaps? Think about what you remember most. I remember my mother the most and the way her wavy long hair framed her face and softened her eyes. I used to think she was a mermaid because of the way her hair flowed. But it was more than just these traits that made women such as my mother so admirable.

Fabulous Feature

One major factor of beauty is having a captivating feature.

Do your eyes have a sparkle to them that shows even when it’s dark out?

Do you have a commanding posture that oozes sexiness? Perhaps you have a charismatic laugh that people can’t seem to get enough of. Those of us who have figured out how to play up this feature will never have difficulty catching glances of awe even in a large crowd.We have also learned how to use these features to the best of our advantage. A quick glance over our shoulder or flashing our signature smile has been known to earn us discounts, passes, numbers, an endless array of free goodies and sometimes even jobs. It’s more than superficial “prettiness” because we have learned how to exude confidence and charm without having to resort to unclassy alternatives like over-the-top makeup and revealing attire, but rather by having learned how to maximize our best beauty assets.

More Than Skin Deep

But more important and long lasting than any of these physical attributes are those that cause us to truly admire or idolize certain women in the first place: inner beauty. This is why Princess Diana is a lasting icon, whereas Britney Spears isn't even a commonly respected personality. True inner beauty means that your smile goes beyond photogenic and is genuine and sincere. It means that people enjoy being around you because it makes them feel beautiful. It’s a matter of natural charm and a kind spirit that brings out one's inner beauty.

This, I would argue, is the most important part of one's personality, because this will carry through when old age takes its toll.Lastly, I want to point out one of the most understated qualities that contributes to a woman’s beauty: wisdom.

It increases with age and experience, it shines through even the most weathered faces and is the reason why we looked up to our female idols in the first place, even if we didn’t know it at the time. A baby can be cute, a young girl can have a pretty face, but real beauty takes time to cultivate and develop, and relies on far more than genetics, surgery or physique to be truly captivating.

In the end, beauty chalks up to more than just a fresh face and a killer body. It relies heavily on personality. Consider the following for a moment: if you spend your life stressed, angry and resentful, it’s not going to be your laugh lines that will be noticeable in your older years. That being said, the best advice for lasting beauty ought to be obvious: smile…

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