Sunday, September 28, 2008

night fall

Would you believe
“In times of trouble, times of dread.
“I love you still” the lady said
as he lay his weary head
the young man sleeps alone in bed

“I feel your pleasures, I feel your pain”
the lady's voice in his head remain
closed his eyes, he ignores the joy of rain
the young man ,oh, sleeps alone again

she reaches out to hold her man
but to her woe, she touches none
she knows her man, away had gone
so in their bed for two... there's one

“I miss you so” she whispers out loud
she finds herself lonely in a crowd
the eternal love he gave and vowed
she hears as she sleeps, his words resound

his music and notes, their song begins
the words that she wrote, she knew it by heart
she smiles at him teasing and he grins
song of two hearts. Swore never to part

they fight and strive, together they win
they fought for dreams and love they were in
party for songs for tonic and gin
and awake in the morning alone again

By: Pervy Arknow

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chubbybasas said...

who is pervy arknow???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
i wrote these poems for a the love of my life and this happens????????

have you no respect???