Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New Beginnings

How is your life?

Our quality of life is a very important factor in having a long and good life, and while many of us have had to get some notches in the self-esteem, and although it has happened already in childhood, it is possible to patch the holes and give itself a new beginning and a good life.

What people can you forgive? When will you do it? What prevents you may. in doing so?
The best thing you can do is to forgive and put the bad experience behind you, and you do simply by taking responsibility for your own life and move forward, there's only one person that is responsible for how your life lived, and that is you. We human beings are born with a great responsibility. We have only an attempt to have a good life. There is no right or replay, it is here and now, the case, so you might as well learn to love it "as is" and not hang down in the past. You can not change it.

That may well sounds strange to say that we should forgive a man who may have done something that really is quite unforgivable, but to forgive does not mean that we accept what has happened and done. That to forgive is about to let go of the negative emotions that are connected to a particular situation or person, so they will not swallow up more of your energy.

You do not have to say to the person, you will excuse that you do, for it is just something that you do inside yourself. forgiving is only for your own sake, and it will give you strength and joy and make you feel that it is you who has control over you and your life when you have done. You will be free and you are happy, and ultimately perhaps not as a sour, old man/women. What properties of others can get your mind to the boil? Have you even these properties? Why not accept these properties of yourself?

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