Sunday, September 14, 2008



One tranquil summer night I stay in the seashore to breath the see breeze
For it bewitches my whole being.. then i begun to ponder things.
Life is not a bore nor does it distract me from my dreams...
But it is the beginning of my dreams' fulfillment.

It is something I must value.. something that is esteem
And therefore, I must be thankful of it, love it.
For in life i've learn many things.

But then, the soft breeze quivers my heart and ticle my personality
For the breeze gives me time to visualize my words and deeds
I linger in the shore for sometime for it lets me realize what life is all about.
Thus, when I leave the shore, I will feel how important to live and appreciate life.

And my search to nowhere no more...
Being so realistic now I will never hate nor loathe my life again.

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