Monday, September 15, 2008

Undeniably Perfect

If life were perfect, no one would cry. If life were perfect, death would mean hope. If life were perfect children would be laughter. If life were perfect, I wouldn’t have to write this.

If everyone were happy, no one would die. If everyone were happy we wouldn’t be Americans, we wouldn’t be Asian, we wouldn’t be European, we wouldn’t be Latin, we would all be only human.

So, why do we pretend to be what we are not? We are not safe, we are not happy, we are not perfect. We will never be any of these things as long as we continue to think only of ourselves. Humans are not just individuals; humans are united by the blood that runs through our veins. Once we decide to hold hands, no matter how dirty, poor, conceded, rejected, rich, weak, or strong they may be, they are all made of your same flesh, blood, and bone. Once we forget about each others impurities no matter how infected with sin, the world will forgive all the pain that we have caused each other. Our planet earth will come alive, and for the first time, we will all be great. For the first time, we can truly call ourselves brothers and sisters.

So why is it that when you think about it, you realize life isn’t like you always imagined it? In your mind there’s always a picture of perfection. The perfect house, the perfect job, the perfect pet. But it’s all these imperfections that make life so great and in its own way …..perfect, but not in the definition we all want. Every time we make mistakes, get fired or lose a job we learn and move on. Sometimes things don’t seem fair and every day is miserable.

This is when death steps in. We ask ourselves what is the difference between life and death? Is life worth living for and is death worth dying for? Death sounds so great sometimes. We just have to learn to deal with it. Deal with the pain the suffering and cruelty in this world. It sounds easy… a nut job, but to a normal person it’s completely impossible. As long as our spirits are together, one day we may be able to answer all these annoying little questions...

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