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Top 10 Events That Bring a Husband and Wife Together

Renewing Vows Every Now & Then

These are the top 10 events that bring a husband and wife closer together during their married life. They are arranged chronologically from the writer’s experience and are mainly events and not activities.

More people end up getting married in the world, and throughout married life, couples experience the best and worse of times. They are as unpredictable as a first-time roller-coaster ride and may affect the bond between couples.

Below are 10 events in a couple's lifetime that they most likely will experience and strengthen their bond. Note that these are mainly events and not activities, and these have been arranged chronologically based on my own experience with my wife.

We are six years married, have gone through some of the events below and foresee the other events coming to our life together.

Moving In Day

This usually is tiring and exciting. It is where tastes mix and decisions, arrangements and negotiations are made. In the end, the apartment or house reflects the both of you, and you will always look back at this as Day One of married life.

Success and Achievements

Promotions, the establishment of a profitable business, that chosen
stock rising, winning the championship, lottery or literally climbing a high mountain brings out the feeling of elation and the very first person one will surely look for and celebrate with is one's husband or wife.


Planning, the coming, arrival and taking care of the baby surely builds the bond further between couples. Here, they are immersed in new activities that involve the two of them with the baby. The baby is a living being representing the likes and features of the couple. The baby also plants in their heads that they should be together.

Major Acquisitions

villa, new car, giant-screen TV, his and hers Rolexes, own house, a painting bought only for $10 but is worth $100,000 in the market, this list goes on forever in this consumer-driven environment we have nowadays. Like Success and Achievements, this gives couples a feeling of euphoria. This likewise generally follows Success and Achievements too, and hopefully, will not lead to Going Broke and Separated, which is not in this list, of course.

External Menace or Intimidation from Others

Rude relatives, neighbours, bosses or any other third party that confronts couples verbally or even physically brings forth their unity. Cavemen belonged to tribes and retaliate against other tribes that attack them. This is still the same in present-time even down to the basic partnership between a husband and wife. When there is a third party threat of any kind, expect the development of a tag-team. The caveman still dwells in each of us.


Natural or man-made calamities affecting the safety of not just husbands and wives but the general populace for that matter are included here. We've had some super-typhoons so powerful they cut out power and levelled giant signboards and lamp-posts and sucked out the contents of rooms of high-rise buildings with windows left wide or slightly opened. Notice that the natural reaction to danger and even a very scary movie is for people to sit closer together. That is true also for husbands and wives when calamities strike town.


Even a simple road trip can bring arguing couples to a smile in the end. Trips, especially grand ones, are like adventures from point A to point B, which is some place far, exotic and beautiful in its own way. Most couples come back from a road trip feeling good as if it added spice to a mundane and routine-filled life.


Lump on the breast, losing a limb, speech or visual impairment will worry one partner over another. People have the natural and basic reaction to take care of their loved ones when ailments befall them. This is a tender stage and certainly an event in married couples' lives.

Children Moving Out

This may be a sad or happy event for couples. Happy, if they have 10
children, I guess, and sad if it's the one and only child, a daughter even getting married. Despite how it feels, the event brings a husband and wife back to “just the two of us”. Both, however, are now more mature than when they were in Moving-In Day. They are probably retired also and will have more time to do whatever they like.


Nearing death or death itself brings a husband and wife together the most. The writer of “A Ranger Born” details how he, a retired army ranger, and his wife were the closest when his wife was already nearing death and when he was taking care of her. The time before going to the afterlife and death itself, makes the husband or wife realize the value of his or her partner during his or her lifetime. “You don't realize what you have, until it's gone.”

In Closing: Enjoy Your Married Life

So go now and hug your husband or wife. We have a scare ourselves right now with an ailment… a lump. Her mother passed away when she was very young because of the big C. I am really worried and couldn't think coherently because the doctor's diagnosis is not out yet. I realize now more than ever how valuable she is to me and couldn't imagine of how life would be if it turned out to be some sort of life-threatening ailment. I hope not because it will be great to still experience Number Nine together.

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