Sunday, September 28, 2008

Earth Angel
(to Sam)

angel on earth, of splendor and grace
what have you seen on this sinner's face
that you so enjoy my awkward ways
that you so blessed me with your endearing gaze?

you blessed me so with your love unconditional
that 'though far apart, you are true and loyal
what do I have that you see me beautiful?
And as I have you, to God I am thankful

I love you with my heart's every beat
that if it ever stops beating, to you I will give it
all that I do, every face that I meet
It's you that I think of, from your head to your feet

I always think of you, all day and night
and to dream of you is a glorious sight
to again hold my angel in her radiant light
and with love to you, I offer this write

I give you my all and all I could muster
and I'm sorry for all that I couldn't amount for
“I love you so much” my heart thus roar
and the love you give back is more, much more

thank you for everything that you have given
and I know my gratitude needs more to be spoken
please keep this write as a sign or a token
of my gratitude, fidelity, love and devotion

I love you so much with all that is in me
I miss you so much that it's driving me crazy
I love you so much at the risk of sounding cheesy
you are the love of my life; you complete me

I wish to kiss you and hold you all through the afternoon
and star gaze at night and laugh at the moon
I wish to grow old and wither by your side
that when I broke something, to you I confide

I wish to hold you in a spoon and slowly drift to sleep
to keep you warm and feel you breath and feel you close and deep
the thought of your smile and sparkling eyes, an image I'll always keep
I love you so, I miss you so, too much it makes me weep

I love you so much and you miss me, I know
but I'll see you again and that radiant glow (wink!)
our distance on hand is making my love grow
bit i can't help but miss you, I miss you so

I love you, earth angel, with all that I am
I miss you, earth angel. I love you so much, Sam!


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chubbybasas said...

this is mine too... but why is it that the author's name not on this post...?

I'm really offended by this...