Monday, September 1, 2008

"Have Faith & All Will Be Fine"

H o p e s

When we find ourselves wallowing in self-pity, it's important to remember that there is someone out there who is worse off than ourselves. Tragedy and unhappy times hit all of us at some point or other. Hope is what gives us the courage to face those times and work through them.

Optimism can't change what happened but it can help you face what happened with increased strength. And sometimes it feels like hope is impossible and nothing that anyone says can make you feel better. But over time, it can help, if you let it.

It's not about being a Pollyana, it's about knowing that you have the strength inside of yourself to deal with what ever life throws at you. And most of us who've been around awhile know that life will always throw something at you when you least expect it.

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