Monday, September 8, 2008

A Little Bit Of Everything

More Of Me.....

There are many things in life that can make things better for you, but the real key is YOU. The magic is in believing. The magic is in trying. The real magic is in persevering. There is magic in a handshake. There is magic in a smile. There is magic in excitement and determination. There is real magic in compassion and caring and sharing. The feeling comes from inside, so the difference is inside you. Always remember you hold the key.

hhhmmm...still thinking if i really should post this entry to my blog.coz it makes me doubt if i write with sense or not. it's just "all about me", well if you are interested reading it , go ahead, but if u think it will just waisting time for you to spend reading my blog all i can say, just leave my page alone and give me a

Recently i always recieved messages from people i really dont know and asking me as well if they could know me more better.. hey guys, you're too demanding huh?[=

well, let's start this way, first dont expect me to answer all your questions because in the first place i'm not here to please everybody. Lucky those people who made me laughed, and still sincere of making friendship with me. If you think you're one of them who made me a lil' bit crazy, u may never know i'll treasure those times. :)

Im just a simple person, simple woman with simple needs. I look life as a big challenge for me and i look for the brighter side always. I'm not expecting people liking me easily and accept me the way I am, but i dont care as long as I'm doing the right thing and keep things in balance around me.

I'm not a perfect woman, nor my life isn't perfect neither.. the truth i have also weaknesses ...same thing with the people live here on earth.. I cried most of the times, and get hurt sometimes.. My life is not a bed of roses, i have also my ups and downs. I do mistakes often... And what most important for me when i had my mistakes in life, i'm learning from it. and still keep learning, trying to be strong and still standing and facing with pride.

I'm a very nice person if you're nice with me, but i may be the most rude person you'll ever had if your intention with me are untruthful and insencerity and most of all "sex object".

Having fun is good sometimes but being truthful to ourselves is like a goal that need to be achieved. I'm just trying to be real but who know's you might even know I'm not even existing..

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