Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"My Dream Is You"

I love everything about you
There's no one else like youIt's amazing how I feel when

I'm around you
What did you do to make me fall in love with you?

With you I'm so happy
We're perfect for each other
I feel like we're meant to be

Don't you think?

I wouldn't know what to do without your love
You are the only reason why I smile
You have made my world whole
You are my everything

I love youI need you
Don't let me go
But if you want someone else, please let me know
You are the owner of my heart

Just promise me you won't break it ever again

I'm all yours and

I'm glad to say that you're all mine

Please never leave me
I wouldn't know what to do
Just promise me you won't
cause there's no one else like you
I’m so happy I want to cryJust the fact that

I’m with my dream girl
Your perfect in everyway
I prayed for someone like you

And God sent you my way
I’m wide-awake thinking of you

You must be an angel
There’s no other explanation
These feelings are real

Not just flirtationI love being with you
Just watching the starsIs so romantic with you
I don’t care what anyone else has to say

It’s just you and me
Forever I pray

I’m crying myself to sleep thinking of you.
These are tears of happiness

Its amazing how one person can transform your life
You’re all I want.

Loving You Every Second ,Every Minute & Every Hour Of My Life..............

You are my dream....My Love...My Life......Only You my French Fries.....

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