Monday, September 1, 2008

Love Grows

My love grows and grows
everyday it shows and shows
wishing to be with you

I’m wishing on a star ,wishing

I could be right where you are
telling you I love you
telling you I care
showing my feelings to you

and hoping I’ll still be there
not running from my past
from love that wasn't true
not holding my fear in

from ever loving you
if I could just get the chance
to ever really talk to you

I would sit down and talk to you

and tell you how much I love you
letting you know I care for you
and always want to be there for you

I hope in the future
my wish would come to
but until then
I will always be waiting for you
now I hope you know

how much I care for you
but whenever I get my chance
I’ll be waiting to tell you

Remember thatI LOVE YOU
in my eyes in my mind in my heart
you will always have
a special place in myLIFE

True love doesn't have a happy ending
because true love never ends

My love for you
grows stronger every day

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