Thursday, August 6, 2009


INSECURITIES- There are wonderful things inside of you, things that no man or woman can discredit or take away from you. Don't be insecure about who you are, what you are, or the things you have to offer. Insecurity is like not believing in yourself. Lack of confidence, Lack of self esteem. God created you as an unique individual, be who you are and love it!

INSIGNIFICANCE- You don't have to have all the shine all the time. Sometimes its good to sit back and play the background. It's not always about being in the spotlight. When it counts the smallest most insignificant things can make the biggest difference.

REJECTION- Learn to deal with rejection. People are not going to like everything you do or everything you are. So what! You can't please everyone. You will go into certain situations and be turned away,turned down, and doubted. Pick yourself up and Try again. Failure comes before success.

LONELINESS- Being alone can be a good thing. At times we are so bogged down with the hectic hussle and bussle of everyday life, friends, family, relationships, traffic.. That we forget to take time out for ourselves. We forget to rest. We forget to focus, We forget to pray. How can you hear what god is trying to tell you when you never have the time for him. Loneliness can be a good thing. It gives you time to listen to your heart. It gives you time to find out who you are, and most of all it gives you time to talk to God. Besides when you feel alone most, he's always there to carry you through.

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