Friday, August 7, 2009


Let Love Last

Listen to her secrets.
Take her out to dinner.
Call her first.
Label her as yours.
Understand her feelings.
Tell her shes gorgeous.
Write her a song.
Talk to her like a human being.
Ask her to dance with you.
Never imagine life without her.
Kiss her in the rain.
Hold her hand at any time.
Pass her love letters.
Never forget her birthday.
Tell her shes always right.
Be her escape.
Tell her you believe this is a fairytale.
Give her gummy worms.
Remember her favorite color.
Hold her books in school.
Give her hugs and kisses.
Show her off to your friends.
Kiss her hand just because.
Treat her like a star.
Dream about her.
Tell her shes super nifty.
Say she has the key to your heart.
Watch her walk home - so she's safe.
Play her favorite game.
Have a song that remind you of her.
Kiss her on the forehead...
Dance together like retards.
Stay together forever.
Let love last.

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