Wednesday, August 12, 2009

To The Girl Who Stole My Heart

She means the world to me

Maybe tomorrow you'll take back my heart,Maybe you'll give me a brand new start.I'm living with dreams that won't come true,For you will never love me as I love you.Every thing happens for a reason,So i have to deal with this heart break without treason,You are still the apple of my eye,And many people are probably wondering why?Much respect goes out to you and i told you why,It just kills me to see our relationship telling us goodbye,Losing love for me is a feeling you cannot hide,However; you know i will always be by your side.Baby youre right, maybe your attraction for me will return,But for right now i have to just let it burn,You were always my dream come true,And i understand you did this because you were feeling blue.

It's whatever you like honey and its not your fault,Just keep my heart and lock it up in your vault,I still know you are the one for me,Will we be lovers again?...we will just have to wait and see...Hopefully the future holds something more than being friends,However you know ill be there until the end.

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