Tuesday, August 11, 2009

About That One True Love

True Love

YOU, with eyes that melt into the very core of my soul
YOU, with a voice that sounds like an angel speaking to the very center of my being.
YOU, with a touch that leaves me breathless, speechless, and numbs all pain.

Your smile makes me weak and my heart skips a beat,
The sound of your voice soothes my soul and calms my spirit,
Your touch tames my wild nature and soothes my impatient soul,
The look in your eyes stops all time and space and holds me tight.

You turn my heart inside out exposing all that I am,
You kiss away all my invisible scars
You clear my slate and allow me to begin over
You transform my life with the depth of your passion
You capture me in the beautiful complexity of your mind

Eyes with an intensity that melt right into the very core of my soul. A voice that speaks straight into my heart. A touch that numbs all pains emotional and physical and takes me to a place that is all our own. I am profoundly blessed to have finally found you through all the lives we've shared before this one, God led us to each other once again. How could we be worthy of such a gift from above.

Your love is more precious to me than the air I breath and I am forever yours with all that I am from now until the end of all time.

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