Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Making Love

In the real world, not the movie fantasy world, the ability to make love is a reality. When you make love, you cant MAKE someone love you, or do things that you may feel you are going outside your comfort zone in order for someone to love you. You cant close your eyes and look at the sky and make a wish on a falling star that someone will make love to you one day. Some people think that they have been made love to because they had something called “good sex”. But I’m here to tell you that …”good sex” isn’t love making when the person doesn’t love you unconditionally.

Sometimes it seems that women dreams are to fall in love and be made love to constantly every night, while sometimes it seems that it could be a nightmare for some men. It is because women are women and men are men..so the challenge is to create love between two very different creatures and make that real. It can seem impossible at times, but its possible sometimes. I’ve’ always had the vision of how it would be when someone would make love to me. I’ve been in relationships and we both have LOVED each other, but I can honesty admit, (since I am someone who doesn’t write in codes and isn’t afraid to be real and tell people how I feel) I admit that I have NEVER been made love to.

The person may have thought they did..but they didn’t. Women, we can tell the difference between being made love to and just getting screwed. I have been in love, and I have loved , but never made love to. I honesty believe that once someone makes love to us..that person will be there forever. That is probably why it doesn’t just happen. My vision of being made love to, will be no strings attached, no conditions no personal gains, no emotional guilt’s, no points to prove, no goals to accomplish, no secrets but just relaxation, commitment, loyalty, being consistent and honest.

Making love is a natural gift from God but has been manipulated by sins..like lust, negative intentions, negative motives, selfish pleasures, unfaithfulness, and personal gains. Women are not always turn on by penis size, and how good they are in bed, and how great they look and their body looks. Some women are turn on by men ability to show they really love, by sharing things with us they may be ashamed of, crying in front of us, being open and honest with us, telling us what’s going on in their lives, what hurts them, what makes them sad.

Women we don’t want someone who’s secretive and is too afraid to express their feelings. The fact that a man can come to you and is honest about something, without fear of judgment, that shows love. If we have to ask you the same question a million times, that doesn’t show love, it shows a man being secretive and afraid. So how would you (men) expect that you can express your love in bed, if you can’t express your love in words and in actions. That is why it can be impossible for you to make love to us.

Anybody can lay down and have sex with a women, but it takes a good secure man to profess his love, and express his feelings. That takes courage, but for women, that comes natural. Some men want us to cater to their ego, chase them, want them, and have no love or feelings for anyone else, meanwhile the same game they spit in your ear..they spitting in someone else ear..may 3 or 4 ears. So how can we expect for you to make love to us when you don’t even know how love is made.

Here is the ingredients to love making. First, Build the rapport: we need to know that you are there for us, you care for us, no matter what. Not just tell us that you care, but show us that you care, express you care through the things you do, protect us and our hearts. Secondly, We HAVE to be the only one: this may be hard for a lot of men, but it is what it is.

You can’t make love to us, if your having sex with 3 or 4 other girls. We need the insurance that we are the only ones you think about sticking your penis in and sharing your thoughts and fantasies with. & Last, We need trust: we have to trust you and you have to make sure that you don’t give us any reason not to. In case you do give us reason not to, then you have to communicate with us and be there to listen.

Some women can’t even reach an orgasm if they don’t trust their men, true story . So those are my ingredients to making love, if you have a honest relationship with us, care and protect us, we know we are the only one and we trust you, then "good sex" can turn into love making.

Love making doesn’t have to be slow, with candle an music, it can be ruff, nasty and hard whatever… but as long as we have those ingredients then we know that however you have sex with us… It will be you making love to us.

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