Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Poetry Of The Heart

In Good Hands

David cried for hours, each and every day. No one really knew why… he wasn’t one to talk about personal issues. Those who knew him had no clue, and most thought him to be a bit odd, a loner, one full of emotions; that he was just too soft, and really needed to ‘man up’. They didn’t really know him, though.

It’s too bad, for they may have learned a thing or two about life and love. You might be wondering how I know his story… A young man I know shared it with me; he felt like the story needed to be told, to set the record straight. The following story is true, no matter how far-fetched it may sound; whether you choose to believe it is entirely up to you.

David had been acutely aware of the mystical world since he was very young, having been visited by fairies and taken on journeys into other realms. He learned early on that it was pointless to discuss his adventures, as no one believed him, and he spent so much time in psychiatric hospitals and in counseling sessions, his childhood was very abnormal.

He learned to keep his mouth shut, yet continued his relationships with the fairies and more. In time, he was considered “cured”, and a great poster child for the psychiatric community. He simply outsmarted them, but it took years of living hell for him. Nothing more was ever said, to him or by him, about any of that past as he grew older. He had fallen in love, however, with one of his fairy playmates… and their love grew.

His world, of course, did not even believe such nonsense, and her world was very apprehensive of his kind, yet their love was growing, more and more over the years. The laws of the universe only allowed for one visit per day, either between midnight and noon or noon and midnight, and the time was unlimited during either of those periods of the day, up to twelve hours. Seemed like plenty of time for them to share each others company, yet in reality, it was quite restrictive.

One of the details was that if either of them spent more than the allotted time, the following day it was forbidden to visit. His fairy love’s name was Andrina, and eventually, they could not restrain their passion for each other. They made love, and yes, their passion carried them through midnight to the next day, and that following day was the longest either had ever experienced… From that day on, their time together always seemed too short, and their good-byes were painful, each and every time.

There was something else, too, that weighed heavily on them… Andrina was soon to be with child. In the realm of fairies, when they become pregnant, it is obvious in the first week. There is an unmistakable glow about them, from head to toe, and no amount of covering can contain the glowing. Of course, the fairy realm was well aware of this situation early on, and many discussions were held regarding what the two had done.

Many of David’s visits to Andrina were spent in their high courts, mostly listening to speakers on the subject, about the effects and ramifications of their creation. During these times, the memory of his childhood came back to him, and such times were difficult for him.

Fairies were with child for only three to four months, and the birth of a new fairy was not like the human birthing. The child fairy was nurtured only for two days before able to stand on her own two feet, and within a week they were able to carry on similar to the human world six year old, in fact, this is when they were encouraged to go out and explore.

Anyway, the fairy world embraced David, eventually, and accepted their child with loving kindness. They named her Grace, and David called her Gracie. She was beautiful, and it was obvious early on that she had mostly fairy qualities. Are you getting the picture now? David cried when he was home, in his world, separated from his love and his child… at least half of every day. He had no one with which to share his plight, other than his lover.

Do you know what happens to fairies when they get old? Neither did David, not in the beginning. He found out soon enough though. When a fairy has a child, her cells change dramatically internally, and their aging process speeds up. Andrina was aging much faster than David, and soon it was evident to him, to the point where Andrina had to share with him her fate.

When fairies reach a certain age, those who have given birth, they must fly up into the sky on a full moon night, never to return… they become stars in the sky. So, yes, David had much reason to cry, don’t you think? But that’s not all…

Following Andrina’s voyage of the stars, Gracie and David shared their moments together, still within the same limitations. So David would spend as much time as possible with her, and he put on his best positive attitude during those times.

His worst days were usually following the times he would hold her in his hand and give her a beautiful flower… she so loved flowers, just like her momma, and those moments just filled David with such a sorrowful joy. He could barely contain the tears when they were together, imagine his heart when they were apart… Yes, he spent hours, each and every day… crying.

Oh, the young man who shared this? He was the one Gracie visited in his youth… and she shared everything with him, but that’s another story.

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