Tuesday, August 11, 2009

You are a dream come true

A dream come true

Watching you sleep,

Dreaming away.
Sleeping in my arms,
You'll be mine, again, someday.

Feeling you breathe,
So precious when you sleep.
I love every smile,
giggle, and weep.

I constantly wonder
What you dream about.
You're truely someone
I cannot live without.

When you're out of my arms,
It feels like a hole.
A missing piece in my life,
My heart, and my soul.

You're getting so big!
So damn cute and smart.
You're filled with joy,
And a beautiful heart.

You roll like a champ,
And waving goodbye.
Everytime I leave you,
I can't help but cry.

You're so close to crawling.
I love hearing you're voice.
Please understand, Honey.
None of this was by choice.

I made some mistakes,
I admit- I was wrong.
But we'll be a family again,
And it wont take too long.

We WILL be together.
I give you my word.
The only thing that could stop me,
Is Jesus Christ, our Lord.

But, he wont take me from you.
Or, you away from me.
He had a plan, giving you life.
And someday you will see.

It may seem really messed up,
The way things have worked out.
But it all happened for a reason,
I trust God, without doubt.

All you need is Me.
And, all I need is You.
Believe in Mommy, Baby Girl.

Our dreams WILL come true...

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