Thursday, August 6, 2009

Find your Happiness

Above everything else. . .

Make yourself happy first. . .Words of Wisdom I have been told but to many times I have ignored.My entire life I have worked so hard to make everyone else happy,while during this time I continue to wonder why I myself always end up lost and empty.

I am always to concerned about what everyone else wants or thinks that I never really sit down and ask myself what I want or what I need.I continue to hurt myself and others while trying to please everyone which is why I have realized something needs to change.

I am writing this because there are to many people in my life that I could tell just please understand I am capable of making my own decisions and dealing with whatever the consequence may be positive or negative. This is my life not yours and I will decide what is best for me.

There are different types of people in your life, those who truly care about you and only want to see you succeed and those who want to suppress you and hold you back from greatness.

I unfortunately have many suppressors in my life, the types of friends that do not want what's best for you or what could benefit you but whatever could benefit them and could care less about your well being. It is funny how the ones who suppress are the ones who don't quite seem to have things figured out yet. . and the ones who care are the ones are know what they want in life and would be glad to see anyone else figure it out to.

I want whats best for everyone around me, I just hope my true friends want the same for me.I am going through a phase in my life where I am working so hard to achieve my dreams and work towards my goals, I am looking for happiness and I will do whatever po
ssible to attain that.

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