Sunday, August 9, 2009

Man In A Crowd


cuz im like no other.
i have a different scent.
i have a different taste.
i have a different face.
i have different ways.

my looks are portrayed by this ghetto i live in.
but my heart and mind are..
what they are because of this ghetto i live in.
must i be treated different
because of this ghetto i live in.?

nah nah
i like to see things different.
i dont spend my nights on the streets runnin from the police.
i dont spend any time of any day drinking,
i dont spend anytime blowing trees,
cuz i keep my life from sinking.

my mentality is what it is because of the crazy things i've seen.
"no man alive has witnessed the struggles i survive" (tupac shakur)
and not even you will ever know what i mean.

drugs and alcohol..?
man i've seen it all.
i grew up around a bunch of screw ups.
i started talkin to the girl
and i immediately grew up.
discovered she's the BEST in the world..
and my heart immediately blew up.

my life has changed.
my heart has changed.
my drive.
my outlook on life.
my mentality in general
is different.
this girl changed my life
never in my life
did i once think
i'd ever think..
"i want this girl to be my wife"

now throughout the most complicated struggles
i make sure i survive.
i will run.
i will stride.
i will jump.
i will climb.
whatever it takes..
to keep her in my life.

i could and would do anything to keep it from being "alright".
and more than fine.
cuz this girl is more than fine.
she's gorgeous.
and i thank the lord..that she's mine.

my image is portrayed by my lifestyle.
never thought my style
could make things difficult for this long of awhile
so i continue to change
and i continue to become the man i could be
and the man i promised i would be.

an athlete
an honor student
a poet
a doctor to be..
you'd think that'll do it.
but impressed they yet wont be.
so i continue to work on being the man i know i should be.

i've changed my ways.
im different.
i've changed the ways..
of others.
they're different.

the girl has complete affiliation,
with my determination.
she's the reason for this creation.
she kept me from becoming an abomination.

the reason why i wanna get out the projects
move to the hills or out on the shores.
there's nothing i want more
to change my life style
and have her in my life forever
not just for-a-while.

i continue to have fun and joke around
but 99% of my mind
is tellin me everything is gonne be fine
and as long as God is puttin that in my mind
imma continue to wisely use my mind.
cuz she's one of those girls you'd find once in a lifetime.

im no Albert Einstein.
im no Benjamin Franklin.
i cant do anything special..
other than become a different man.
im no genius
but trust me.
the man i've became.'ve never seen this.

thanks to the love of my life..
im not the man i was 2 years ago.
im different.
my life has been changed because of the
way THEY think i am.
but they dont even know me.
but, i continue to change the image i portray.
im different

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