Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"Filipino Baked Tahong Recipe"

2 lbs clams in shell
5 cloves of garlic minced
1 small yellow onion minced
1 small tomato mincedsalt and pepper
1/2 cup shreded mozarella cheese
fresh lemon slices


1. Prepare baking tray by putting aluminum foiland thinly cover with salt. Line up cleaned,opened clams. Remove half-shell.

2. In a small bowl, mix minced garlic, onion, and tomatowith a dash of salt and pepper. This will be the garnish.

3. Garnish opened clams with the mix. Add a few shredsof mozarella cheese on top of the garnish.

4. Put in oven at 350 F, and bake for 15-20 mins.

5. Serve immediately with freshly squeezed lemons.This can serve as appetizer.

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