Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"About LOVE,our deepest emotions"

What feels a person when is in love?
Nobody knows. Just like beauty, love is a mystery.

There are no words to express your feelings when you’re in love. But I know only one thing: When you’re in love, a strange feeling seizes your heart. A feeling that can not be described by words. A feeling that brings you happiness but makes you wonder: Does he love me? This new question comes to your mind because your feelings are not clear. You don’t have the courage to express your tender emotions to somebody, so you keep them inside. But fortunately there are some people who express their emotions clearly.And in love this is the right thing to do. So let me give you an advice: Express your emotions today, because tomorrow will be to late!

I know that this whole thing looks like a huge confusion which is very complicated but indeed it isn’t. It is something very natural and very spontaneous. Isn’t wonderful when you see him and your heart starts to beat quickly? Isn’t wonderful when you know that someone cares about you, loves you and you’re the reason he is living for? Of course it is. You feel like you’re not alone, like you have found the other half that was missing for so long. You feel completed and you’re attracted by someone who looks like he is perfect, but no one is. Don’t worry! Falling in love is the best thing that could happen to you.

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