Friday, February 27, 2009

"Just About ......Relationships"

20 things about relationships......

It is important to agree on three major topics: Money, Politics, and Religion

Everything else is okay to agree or disagree on, however, the more you differ in everything else, the more interesting things become...

Love is not a single emotion, but a culmination of them all

You will be excited, disappointed, anxious, bored, content, irritated, and so on...There will be arguments...

NO exceptions

Getting through your problems DOES make you stronger. If someone can forgive you for your mistakes, and vice versa, then it's because there is something that won't allow petty moments to get in the way...Not everything is forgivable

Someone who cheats, lies, repeatedly makes the same mistakes, and violates any trust you have given them should NEVER be forgiven. If they care about you, they wouldn't do those things in the first place...Don't try to rush the equivalent of 10 years together into a few months

Take your time. Allow someone to learn about you. If they like you, they will come back for more. Trying to do everything at once will leave little to look forward to down the line, and also leaves no more surprises in the relationship...

Labels don't mean everything

Just because you put a designer label on an old pair of Levis doesn't make them designer. The same goes with relationships. Just because you label yourselves together doesn't mean you truly are...Advice is good...but your opinion should be your own

We all have friends looking out for our best interest. It's okay to take their advice. Yet, when it comes down to it, it should be your choice, and no one else's, unless they are somehow directly affected.

Not everyone is going to see the purpose behind the things we do exactly the way we see it, so doing what THEY would do, doesn't always mean it's how YOU should do it...We have a heart and a mind for a reason...

Our heart stores all of our greatest wants, and if you follow it alone, it will take you on the most reckless path in order to achieve it's desires the soonest.

However, when you use your mind to sort through your needs as well, you will find other paths that get you there, even if it takes longer. It's not about the destination, but rather, the journey there...It's perfectly normal to have walls

We build walls around ourselves as we grow, and learn, and get through our worst trials in life. Having walls makes you human.

Furthermore, if you meet someone, and they have no walls to climb, than how are you expected to show how much you want them? Just don't build anything too high, because someone should be able to see a way in through time and patience...

Patience comes hard in the beginning

The longer you are with someone, the easier it is to have patience and understanding for someone. In the beginning, however, emotions tend to be at their peak, and we can often brush patience aside. No matter how much you want to call them, no matter what the reason, sometimes you have to wait for someone to come to you...

Love, unfortunately, is sort of a game

Relationships are so easy to come by, and there are rituals we knowingly, and unknowingly perform when we like someone. These are natural human behaviors that we have always used to "test" the workability of ourselves with someone else.

Those who do it for any other reason are bound to meet karma in a bad way sooner or later...It is not enough to say what you feel

Saying something doesn't mean a thing unless you show it. Words come cheap, but actions require effort, and when someone is willing to put forth effort in what they feel, it is more clear than the ambiguous notion of merely saying it.

Liking or loving someone is an act of feeling, and words alone should not be able to describe how you feel...There is the right person at the wrong time

No matter how much you like someone, it isn't always the right time. In that case, you should continue to focus on yourself, until it is right, or until someone better comes along...Breaking up IS NOT the end of the world

It may feel like it, but the heart mends, your wall goes higher, and we come back to ourselves in the end. If you choose to recognize it as a lesson, then you will come to find history won't repeat itself.

However, if you choose to carry around the experience as baggage, then you only have yourself to blame when the next person you fall for won't let you move in to their lives with all of it...We are all human, no matter how much you believe you are more than that

We all make mistakes. If someone holds a minor issue against you, then there are three obvious reasons.

1) It wasn't so minor to them;

2) They were looking for a reason in the first place; and

3) Some people don't believe in mistakes. You can only be yourself, and any one who comes into your life has a right to scale how good you are for their life, and vice versa. Never take it personally.

We are all bound to screw up sooner or later, and if they can't get past something small, then they will never be able to look past something bigger later...

If it's not right now, it won't be later

A relationship is a process. You will come to find things you love and hate about someone, and you will learn to deal with it, or let go. However, if nothing progresses between two people, don't stick around hoping that will change, because IT WON'T! And don't keep on because you can't hurt someone's feelings.

Learning to let go of something is an underestimated power. And letting go because it is not right for you is an act of self preservation...Be upfront from day one

Don't pretend to be someone the way we all seem to do in life. It's okay if you're putting on a visage to fool the everyday stranger, but why would you want to fool someone you plan on being with?

A relationship requires two people to be able to share one common bond, and if you aren't upfront from the beginning, good or bad, then you are building a foundation that is doomed to cave in on your little castle...

Three common threads to one love: Trust, Honesty, and Communication

These three things alone sum up almost everything a person will tell you they are looking for at the rudimentary foundation to a lasting partnership. Without one, you can't have any. Trust should be earned and held closer than any materialistic item you own. Honesty should already be your daily practice. And communication is the key to understanding problems.

When things are good there are no need for words. When they aren't, no matter how much you want to ignore it, you have to communicate the problem, even if it isn't what they want to hear...Nothing is certain.

Promises ARE meant to be broken.

We make them with the best intentions, but they are nothing more than a temporary contract that is bound to change with the passing of time. Nobody knows what tomorrow holds, and so even if it was a bad day, we should embrace it, because good or bad, it all molds two people together, and tomorrow may be the day you run out of time at all...

Always cherish the moment

Within the blink of an eye, two people can go from cloud nine into a train wreck from hell. Enjoy the moments you do have. That is the point of love.

We are meant to feel untouchable when things go right, to feel disappointed when they don't, to forgive what can be forgiven, to never dwell on the bad, to let someone know you care if you do.

Those little moments do matter, because when things aren't 100%, you need those memories to remember why you began to care in the first place...

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