Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"Fairytale Love Affair"

My idea of love? Where do I start?

We all get trapped inside the ho-hum existence of every day life. We go to work to earn a living. We have children who take up a large part of our lives. We have friends and sometimes find that we are spreading ourselves too thin. No matter how tired we are, no matter how stressed we are, no matter how much our agenda holds...we make time.

Work is hard and brings many daily stresses to all of our lives. That's inevitable. Children require all of our attention. That's inevitable. Friends are many, for some, and to make time to maintain our friendships can sometimes be very exhausting...but we do it, because we want friends. That's inevitable. In my world...LOVE should be the same.

To have a partner is a commitment that is entirely above and beyond the inevitable. Maintaining a relationship is an exhausting effort and sometimes becomes so powerful that we feel powerless.

To love is to comfort and hold constantly. To love is to want uncontrollably and so passionately that it seems impossible. To love is every chance you get without friends, family, or children, to be together embracing every moment of togetherness, alone...without others.

Don't take your eyes off me. Remember that I feel alone. Know that I need. Be certain that I want.

You're tired. I am tired but I will make that time, because I love you.

Touch me for no reason. Kiss me because you can. Make love to me because there is time and not because you feel like it.

Don't leave me alone with my thoughts but know when to give me my space. Understand that there is nothing in the world I would rather have than for you to be in my arms.

Love starts with passion and ends because that passion is forgotten. It takes more work than most human beings are capable of and is so easily written off as irreconcilable differences...when all it takes, sometimes, is a hand reaching out to hold yours.

Life makes us so busy that we forget about the small things that make us happy. Well...what makes some of us happy. We wrap ourselves in our every day hussle and before you know it...love slips from our hands. It's not that we want it to happen...it just does. We forget to try. Not you, not me...but we.

Look into my eyes every chance you get. Reach out to hold my hand every chance you get. Touch me every chance you get. Kiss me every chance you get. When the few and far between chance comes along that we are able to share a night alone...don't let that moment pass by without something.

Is my idea of love too much? Maybe my fairytale is asking for more than what is real...I don't think so but I could be wrong.

A simple touch, a simple kiss, a simple hug, a simple hand to hold...

I want the fairytale.


Vincent Truman said...

Stolen from


Angela said...

I wrote this! My name is Angela Chapman and I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. THIS IS MY WRITING! THESE ARE MY THOUGHTS!! How dare you steal something so deep and personal from someone. Find your own words...do NOT use mine. Thank you Vincent Truman, for giving me the heads up.

Angela Chapman said...

Rinrin Mirate says: "Aaahhh...about me...let me think what's interesting about my personality,I always want to be unique & to excel on whatever I put my heart on."

Angela Chapman says: "You want to be unique? How so? Do you believe that stealing other peoples thoughts and feelings and posting them as your very own makes you unique? I am still completely appalled by what you have done, going to MY Myspace blog and copying MY feelings without my permission. I feel violated by your actions. You took something that I wrote, something that I wrote about a personal life experience and tried to make it your own. Let it be known that you have been reported for your actions.

For the time being, why don't you sit down, grow some feelings of your own and write those down instead of taking other peoples feelings and pretending that they belong to you. You must truly have a lost and empty soul."