Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"Winter Must Haves"

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The cold weather’s here again, and it’s time to forget summer sandals, and think boots- one of the top winter must haves.

While you’re on your boot-shopping mission, every pair may seem desirable in its own way. But finding one that’s functional yet trendy is the challenge. Here are some tips to find the right boots to keep those tootsies toasty!

Tip #1 - Go for over-the-knee or knee-high boots

While ankle boots and mid-calf boots are hot, they’re impractical for winter. Knee-high or over-the-knee boots can keep you warm and comfortable even in freezing weather. Pair them up with short skirts or tuck in your skin-tight jeans for a sexy and sensational look.

Add ImageTip # 2 – Leather boots are better-off

Suede and sheepskin have no doubt been more popular. But they’re hardly appropriate for winter, especially if you live in areas experiencing heavy snowfall. Leather boots on the other hand look chic and can keep your feet warm if properly insulated. Take a look at the winter sale at Shoebuy for comfortable and trendy leather boots and avail free shipping deals!

Tip # 3 - Opt for waterproof

This can help keep your feet dry even when you’re walking through the wettest bogs. You will find great waterproof shoes at Timberland, which have an insulated mid-sole and rubber heels that prevent water from getting through.

Tip # 4 - Choose a neutral style and color

Before you pick up your boots, make sure you can pair them up with most of your outfits. If not, you may end up buying more boots than you need. It’s probably a good idea to browse through the winter collection at an online shopping mall, and choose the kind of boots that would best serve your purpose.

Tips # 5 – Always ask yourself- ‘heels or no heels?’

Heels are certainly not a good idea for icy sidewalks. But high-heeled winter boots do turn the most heads during days when the weather does cooperate. However, if you’re looking for something more comfortable, winter fashion 2009 has brought in a whole new collection of hot and practical boots that are worth a look.

Lace up or pull-on winter boots are the most popular, as they can offer good comfort as well as keep your feet warm. One common problem with winter boots is bad odor. To avoid this, remember to pick up boots with 'Cita-XY Agion' insoles. These insoles comprise of various fibers combined with ionized silver, which keep a check on bad odor. So, get ready to step out in style this winter!

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