Thursday, February 19, 2009

Learning to be stronger...

Over the years I have come to many realizations about aspects of me and my life. With all the power in my body and mind I set out with the best of intentions to be stronger, put myself first and let go of old grudges. However what is easier said than actually done. In the past month I have changed a few things...both good and bad.

There are somethings that I need to let go and that is what this blog is about. To all my friends: Thank you for being there for me when I have needed you, even though I didn't ask or request it at that time. I know many of you have your own lives to lead...but yet you take the time out to inquire about how mine is going.

I know that I don't always reciprocate the same way, but none the less your friendship doesn't escape my thoughts or appreciation.

To my Body and Mind:I write to say that I can't yo-yo anymore. I am tired of seeing plateaus!! I would like to see the gradual decline of a slope...that I am running down fast. Staying in the 250's for 6 months tested my willpower and my ability to stay sane. Finally climbing out of the 250's into the 240's was a Godsend, but I feel that familiar roller coaster of up and down happening again...I WANT IT TO STOP.

I pray that I can give myself the willpower to move on and take back my life! I NEED to take back my willpower and drive. I want to see 240 on the scale and be able to put on a size 20 and then an 18. I don't want to be FAT anymore..I just want to be comfortable in my own skin.

Learning to let go of small things at first is the greatest challenge any human being can make. This is for me and me alone...I ask my friends to keep on encouraging me and to help me become stronger through either praying for me, giving words of encouragement, or any way they see fit.

Thank you very much and I pray that each of you have a nice day.

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